Home Artwork Work of the white night donated to the community of Shepparton

Work of the white night donated to the community of Shepparton


The Victorian Government donated a White Night artwork to the community of Shepparton, attracting more visitors and supporting local businesses.

Located at Kaiela Artsthe permanent outdoor public artwork was commissioned to White Night Shepparton and features the stories of emerging artists Tori Day, Tahnee Day and Dylan Charles.

Called Shadowsthe artwork will be located in the Victoria Park Wetlands, home to the Yorta Yorta Nation for centuries.

The artwork depicts stories that have been passed down through the generations of their connection to rivers and waterways.

With Shadows remaining outside of Kaiela Arts as a permanent piece for locals and visitors alike means more people will be able to engage with the rich stories of the Yorta Yorta Nation.

Donating the artwork to Shepparton provides an example of the lasting impact creative events can have on communities long after the event, with artwork living to provide ongoing benefits in their new location.

Shepparton was lit up on Saturday June 25 for the city’s first all-nighter, which drew more than 30,000 locals and visitors to revel in this much-loved cultural celebration.

The program featured the best of previous regional Nuit Blanche events as well as new elements that showcased the region’s landscape, culture and history.

Since Melbourne’s first All-Nighter in 2013, the event has established a solid reputation as a dynamic and inclusive celebration of immersive art and community involvement.

“Since the inaugural White Night Shepparton event in June, Shadows was warmly welcomed by locals and visitors to Kaiela Arts and SAT and we are proud to make it a permanent part of this historic landscape,” said Minister of Tourism, Sports and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos.

“This new permanent creative attraction will give visitors even more reasons to enjoy Shepparton and the surrounding areas, supporting local businesses and jobs.”

Image: Shadows by Tori Day, Tahnee Day and Dylan Charles – courtesy of Visit Victoria