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Want to buy art like an NBA star?


Believe it or not, collecting is often second nature to an NBA player. They start with sports cards, toys and, of course, trophies, before moving on to jerseys signed by their favorite athletes. But after going pro, decorating your home with another basketball player’s jersey won’t be enough. Bronx-based gallery owner Set Free Richardson, who has helped pro ballers dip their toes in the sometimes frigid waters of the art world, walked the booths at the Untitled Art Fair, highlighting what he research when giving advice on purchases. “I like to attract people to a job of their own, something that really speaks to them,” he says. “A lot of these guys are young, buying big houses for the first time, and they need some decorating.”

Lots of these guys are buying homes for the first time and they need some decorating

Richardson sees art collecting as a form of self-expression and helps NBA stars find work that speaks to them. “You have your game, and it’s up to you,” he said. “Why not treat the things you buy the same? Make it original and be true to yourself. Richardson says a player’s taste for fashion and music gives him clues as to the type of art he might like. He notes that young players often gravitate towards large-scale, brightly colored works, and often the key is finding a room with an emotional hook. His observations seem to ring true as Jerami Grant of the Detroit Pistons purchased two vibrant works by artist Sylvia Maier from New York’s Malin Gallery at Untitled, priced at around $ 24,000, on the advice of his trainer, Dwane Casey. .

In the past, Richardson has worked with Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Malcolm Brogdon of the Indiana Pacers to purchase work by KAWS, Marcus Jansen and Kehinde Wiley as well as work by emerging artists such as King Saladeen and Jonni Cheatwood.

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