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VCU’s Institute of Contemporary Art Hosts First Resonate Podcast Festival – VCU News


The Institute of Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University (ICA at VCU) is pleased to announce its first RESONATE Podcast Festival, which will take place on October 14 and 15. The weekend festival will include workshops with industry leaders at the VPM+ICA Community Media Center, a live podcast pitch competition, one-on-one consultations, exhibitions and special performances featuring Sharon Mashihi from Appearances and Nick van der Kolk of Love + Radio.

Celebrating the art of podcasting, RESONATE is open to everyone: whether you’re a curious student of podcasting, a producer looking to learn additional skills, or an avid listener looking to get behind the scenes. “RESONATE brings together the aesthetic, educational, and community aspects of podcasting, all in one place,” said Chioke I’Anson, ICA at VCU, Director of Community Media. “Our workshops cover the elements of podcasting that newbies and even mid-career producers have the hardest time mastering. Live performances will delight and amaze. We have art exhibits, opportunities for you to speak directly to the experts, and even a live party where three producers will compete for a VPM podcast contract. It’s an immersive listening experience, featuring some of the coolest podcasters in the business. In addition, there will be snacks.”

Throughout the weekend, professional podcasters will lead sessions on all aspects of podcast production, from scoring and detailed storytelling to marketing and promotion. Session Hosts include Audio Producer, Storyteller, and Host Ronald Young Jr.; Nichole Hill, award-winning audio producer, project manager and educator; Mission to Zyzz recording engineer, mixer and sound designer Shane O’Connell; independent radio producer and editor and former artistic director of Third Coast, Sarah Geis; Editorial Director/Founder of Story Mechanics and Executive Producer of Admissible, Ellen Horn; VP of Creator Partnerships, Gumball, Dane Cardiel; and co-hosts of NPR’s Invisibilia, Yowei Shaw and Kia Miakka Natisse. During the festival, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and Q&As with the presenters and to network with other podcasters. As part of the VPM+ICA Community Media Center’s partnership with AIR Media, RESONATE participants can sign up for one-on-one consultations for editorial advice and technical support.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to listen to newly commissioned audio works at the VPM+ICA Community Media Center’s Podcast Art Facility throughout the weekend, which will include individual listening stations. Here, listeners can experience six hours of never-before-heard content from “The Secrets Hotline, a Love + Radio” spin-off podcast where callers leave revealing, anonymous messages.

Events will be held at ICA at VCU located at 601 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220.

Call for pitches | Opening night

RESONATE, in collaboration with VPM, invites established and aspiring podcasters to pitch their best idea for a chance to receive funding and production support to produce a pilot episode of their show. Submissions must not have been previously published and must align with one or more of these genres: arts and culture, history, science, current affairs, or education.

Three finalists will be selected to pitch their idea at the RESONATE Podcast Festival Pitch Party in front of a panel of judges and a live audience for a chance to win the top prize – a $10,000 production contract to create a pilot episode of their podcast. with VPM.

All finalists will receive free passes to the RESONATE Podcast Festival 2022 and will have the opportunity to work alongside VPM producers to refine their pitches ahead of their presentation at the RESONATE Pitch Party. Finalists must attend the RESONATE Podcast Festival and participate in the Pitch Party to be eligible for the grand prize.

Reflecting on their partnership with the museum, VPM Chief Content Officer Steve Humble said, “VPM is committed to nurturing the talents of local and regional podcasters and providing them with a platform to tell their stories. The VPM + ICA Community Media Center is a place where anyone can hone their podcasting skills. We are thrilled to partner with the ICA for RESONATE celebrating excellence in podcasting.

Special shows:

  • Love + Radio with Nick van der Kolk and friends

Sturgeon riders, roving gangs, slave rebellions, vampires, excited but cruel aristocrats, pink Confederate statues and drinking whiskey straight from the gutter. Welcome to the weird, wonderful and complicated history of Richmond, Virginia in this special live presentation of the critically acclaimed podcast.

  • Sharon Mashihi of Appearances

A performance about relationships, death and Sharon’s inner battle with personal storytelling. Written, performed and designed by Sharon Mashihi.

RESONATE sessions:

  • The importance of the game with Sarah Geis

To make a podcast, you need a production plan. But to make a podcast great, the best tool in your arsenal might just be your acting ability. Sarah Geis teaches how gaming can boost your podcast.

  • Score for non-musicians with Nichole Hill

Confused about adding music to your podcast? Improve your flow between segments, set the tone, and create a better overall listening experience with new skills, even if you’re not a musician. Join Nichole Hill as she walks you through the scoring. No experience necessary.

  • Professional mixing, across the galaxy with Shane O’Connell

Most podcasts have a few vocal tracks. Very easy. But what happens when you have more than a dozen, plus sound effects, plus music? How the hell do you mix it all up? This limited session with Mission to Zyzz’s Shane O’Connell will show you how to mix spatial audio. Like, really mix it up.

  • How to pitch a podcast with Ronald Young, Jr.

One day you will buy your podcast from the media networks. When that day comes, you will need to be very good at explaining your show. That’s why you need a pitch deck. Join Ronald Young Jr., a guy who has hosted and presented multiple shows, for a session on how to get the pitch right.

  • Market your podcast with Dane Cardiel

Make sure your story is heard. Learn how to reach more ears and reach more people as Dane Cardiel teaches marketing strategy for your podcast.

  • A long manifesto with Kia Miakka Natisse and Yowei Shaw

A dedicated producer can work for days on an engaging 4 minute story. What does it take to fill an entire hour? Come hear the duo behind NPR’s Invisibilia deliver their treatise on making a powerful radio hour.

  • Write for podcasts with Ellen Horne

Writing rules vary in all fields. In podcasting, the mantra is “write for the ear”. But what exactly does that mean, and how can you turn your podcast script into something people will