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Tips on the creative process and content creation for entrepreneurs


As Lee Odden said, “Content isn’t king, it’s kingdom.”

Content creation is an extremely slow process and it takes months, if not years, to taste success in this space.

I talked about my experience in the content creation space and what it takes to be successful in a podcast interview I did with Vatsala for his show “Voicing The Void”.

Here are some of the value bombs I dropped:


1) Everyone has their own aspirations. But because of the way society works, we’ve all been taught to settle for a job.
You could be a 9-5 or a shift worker. Or you can be what society calls you – blue collar or white collar. It does not matter. What matters is that you have spent your whole life for this organization and are erased from company history after a certain period of time. Unless you have contributed a lot to this company and maybe even have some media coverage for what you have done. You get my point yeah?

Therefore, do not settle. Explore and discover what you are really good at. Make it a hobby first, then slowly make it your business. I know, it’s hard but hey if there are gamers or sports personalities who can make it into pros and live off it, why not you?


2) Most of the time, every entrepreneur started as an employee.
Truth be told, everyone has to put food on their table and pay their bills. You have your mortgages, utility bills and credit card bills to pay. You can’t expect your parents to pay for you, so you have to start somewhere first. Gain experiences, skills, and even contacts like successful entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins and Marc Benioff (founder of Salesforce) have.

Disclaimer: Now, you might think the transition from employee to entrepreneur is so easy, so I have to warn you, it’s not. If you ever feel like you can have the audacity to walk into your manager or boss’ office, curse your boss and risk it all to pursue your passion on a beach with perfect weather and a cold drink. Please do not do this at this time unless you earn a similar amount or double the amount you are currently earning.

Here’s the reality: most entrepreneurs fail. Even for those who are successful, it often takes years to break even. You have to work harder than ever as an employee and take on a lot more risk and stress.

Question: So how can you get both the benefits of starting a business and the benefits of a full-time job? How can you win working full time and starting your own business at the same time? In other words, how can you get freedom and the potential for a big win when you still have stability? Simple. Do both at the same time – at least for a little while. Having a cash cushion gives you time to find the best business model. Without a cushion, if your first idea fails, you may have to throw in the towel. Not being patient can ultimately do more harm than good.


3) You only have one life to live like you. Make it count.
No one can live like you. Nor can you live like someone else. Therefore, do not waste this time doing things that your future self will regret. Instead, do something your future self will thank you for. You can do things like:

a) Read books on business or personal development to deepen your knowledge in an area that interests you.

b) Get mentors and coaches who are already where you want to be so they can help you on your path to success.

c) Go on vacation alone or with your family and friends. Let’s face it, people are more concerned than ever about their jobs and their livelihoods. This may be due to recent inflation and recession. However, we sacrifice some important aspects of our lives in an effort to selfishly preserve our time. We have to work, but we also have to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy the holidays. This is because it will help reduce our stress, improve our productivity and creativity, and open our minds to a new perspective.

4) My biggest learning from Gary Vaynerchuck: It takes about 21 years for a person to be successful. Overnight success is truly overrated. For those of you working towards a degree, job, business, or particular goal, this was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn.

There is no overnight success or “getting lucky”. You create your own luck through hard work and sacrifice. Like what Gary Vaynerchuck told me on The Raygacy Show, the biggest mistake a lot of people make is they don’t realize it will take 21 years to achieve what you’ve defined as success. For some, it may take around 3 years to be successful, but if you think it takes you 21 years to be successful, you will begin to understand that nothing is easy and quick. You will begin to love and even appreciate the process of overcoming obstacles and setbacks along the way.

And for those of you who have reached a breaking point, don’t stop, rather pause, refocus and keep going. Like what Gary said, it doesn’t mean you post a message on LinkedIn and the next moment you’ll be on the yacht. You must be patient and consistent in whatever you are working towards. I believe in you and I assure you that it’s worth it when you arrive fully!


5) Many people looked at the tip of the iceberg. They didn’t see what was underneath. The pain, the struggle, the rejections, the failures and the sacrifices.

In 2014, I was just this ignorant boy in life. I had no idea what I wanted, who I was, etc. It wasn’t until a HUGE FAILURE in life hit me that I finally woke up!

As those who knew my story through newspapers, podcasts, magazines and radio, I don’t think you would have ever thought I had to go through this bullshit (losing a job, breaking up and relapsing from mom simultaneously in the early parts of 2014) before having my own “overnight success” within months.

People thought life was rainbows and sunshine, just like what you saw in Teletubbies. No storm, no whirlwind, no quarrels and no struggle. Just happy faces every day and that’s not true. Remember that Cinderella had to take care of her stepmother and stepsisters before becoming happily ever after. The same goes for each of us in life, we have to overcome all obstacles and turn them into opportunity. Instead of moaning about problems all the time, why not learn and grow from them.

We have nothing without nothing.

For those of you who are new to podcasting, here’s my message for you and it’s “You’re 1 episode away from building your brand”.

Listen to the full episode here: