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The Romantics – NoHo Arts District


[NoHo Arts District, CA] – The City of West Hollywood and the Classical Theater Lab are proud to present Edmond Rostand’s play The Romantics directed by Suzanne Hunt, produced by Suzanne Hunt and Alexander Wells, September 10-25.

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In this comic reversal of Romeo and Juliet, a neighboring mother and father concoct a fake family feud to trick their son and daughter into believing that they are unhappy lovers and fall in love. Their scheme succeeds, but now the “conflicting” parents must find a way to reconcile so the couple can get married. With no expense spared, the parents hire handsome thug, Straforel, to stage a fake kidnapping. Percinet “saves” Sylvette from her “ravers”, wedding plans are made and the wall between the parents’ neighboring properties is demolished. However, it doesn’t take long before both families realize that, in their case, walls are good neighbors. This wildly funny and entertaining comedy is filled with live music, sword fights and period costumes. The play is the basis of the 1960 musical The Fantastic.


The cast includes the talents of Johnny Austen, Maaren Edvard, Carlo Figlio, Maegan McConnell, Katie McKewin, Donald Wayne and Alexander Wells.


The production team includes producers Suzanne Hunt and Alexander Wells, Katie McKewin (assistant director/movement choreographer) and Garth Pillsbury (photographer).

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