Home Artwork The penguin becomes a “cute artist” by painting with his feet; viral artwork attracts fans on the internet

The penguin becomes a “cute artist” by painting with his feet; viral artwork attracts fans on the internet


Penguins are among the friendliest creatures in the world. The birds are often seen having fun on land and having fun with researchers and tourists, which could be because their main predators (seals, sea lions, whales and sharks) all reside in the water. Penguins are not only known for their friendly nature, but their funny acts often prove to be an incredible source of entertainment.

Many penguin videos are going viral for this reason and another such post has become a topic of discussion on social media. A video shows an adorable penguin having fun with paint and winning hearts on the internet.

The viral video opens to show the little penguin being asked by his caretaker to stand on some paint. As the woman lets go of the bird, it steps on two sheets of paper in front of it to leave footprints in yellow paint. The penguin is then asked to return to the starting point in the same way, leaving more footprints. The guardian then changed the color of the paint to blue, and the penguin could even be seen jumping adorably while repeating the process.

The sheets of paper were beautifully decorated with little penguin prints and the creature too looked at them carefully when the guard showed it to him. Sharing the video on Twitter, one user wrote, “Cutest artist today.”

Netizens say, “I love it”

The viral video was highly praised by netizens as it racked up around 1 million views. It also garnered several likes and retweets. Many also expressed their views in the comments section. “Where can I buy his works of art? You never know, it could turn out to be Pablo Picasso in his genre”, writes a user. Another user wrote: “I love the way she shows her work to the artist”.

Earlier, a viral video of dozens of penguins chasing a butterfly in front of them took the internet by storm. The video showed a group of Adélie penguins jumping excitedly through a southern landscape. The little creatures were seen jumping in front of them as if they were just going about their business, but it looked like they were chasing the butterfly flying in front of them.

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