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The art store in Toronto with a century-old reputation is closing for good


Toronto artists are expected to rush to make their final deliveries as it has been announced that one of the city’s most popular art stores will soon be closing.

Curry’s Artists Materials has been a West Queen West staple for years, being part of the mall that faces the Drake Hotel.

They sell just about every material you could possibly need to make art, including canvas, inks, pastels, and drawing supplies, and the business as a whole has been operating since 1911.

The store let people know towards the end of July that the West Queen West store would be closing, announcing discounts on social media.

People reacted to one of their first posts breaking the news in almost eerily small print, with much larger letters letting them know that online shopping is still open.

“It’s like my favorite store as ever,” one person commented, with another commenting, “It’s concerning.”

“Drove from Scarborough to your stores in Toronto, first at Yonge St, then when it closed at Dundas St, then when it closed at Queen West,” someone commented.

“Even though I found the store wasn’t as well stocked as it could have been. I tell my friends that Curry’s is my ‘candy store’. Very disappointed. I don’t buy any online art supplies Goodbye Curry’s.

The store posted several successive posts about the closure on social media, each advertising discounts dropping from 25% to 30%, saying “everything must go”.

The last day for Curry’s West Queen West location is August 15.