Home Digital art Studio Moniker’s Touch for Luck lets you interact with a giant pond of fish on the M+ facade

Studio Moniker’s Touch for Luck lets you interact with a giant pond of fish on the M+ facade


The recently opened ‘mega museum’ in Hong Kong, M+ commissioned Amsterdam-based design studio Moniker to create a giant interactive artwork, Tap for luck. M+’s inaugural digital commission allows the public to see themselves, or see themselves, swimming through the facade of the museum. By accessing Touch for luck from your smartphone, the public enters an “art game”, by which it connects directly to the M+ facade in real time, explains a press release.

65 meters high and 110 meters wide, the M+ facade is one of the largest media facades in the world, that is to say Touch for luck the display is visible up to a mile away. A statement explains that the skyline of Hong Kong has been enriched with “a new pond in town”. He continues: “Jump in the pond and wave that tail. Touch your screen. Tap for luck. Touch and never let go.

Although the concept seems fanciful, Moniker’s Touch for luck explores the impact of technology on our daily lives. Users accessing the Touch for Luck site are encouraged to touch their screen “without letting go” to connect with the facade and other users. During gameplay, users receive “little feel-good gems” for their sustained touch, bringing them good luck – “so you can’t help but want a little more every time,” the statement reads. . “You are one lucky fish. It’s only about you. Your perseverance is rewarded; your popularity grows, you gain influence over others, perhaps even wealth and power.”

Moniker co-founders Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters explain, “The work thematizes the mechanics of our online representation and smartphone addictions.” By exploring how we use digital spaces to enrich ourselves and seek fulfillment, the game explores the dangers of this online realm. “Loops like so-called social media platforms are designed to hook us to (telephone) screens – often to the detriment of our physical and/or mental well-being.”

Touch for luck will be exhibited every day on the façade of M+ from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. CET.