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Ronnie Wood’s work is on display in Winnipeg


A new pop-up gallery in Winnipeg highlights the works of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.

The gallery features nearly 50 pieces by Wood from 1987 to 2021, including interpretive portraits of his bandmates and a three-piece series of paintings titled “Guitarscapes.”

“This is a rare opportunity. This is an exhibit that is on tour separate from the Rolling Stones ‘Unzipped’ exhibit, which is in Portage Place,” said Kevin Donnelly, Senior Vice President of Venues and Entertainment at True North Sports. and Entertainment, at the gallery on Tuesday.

“It touched us. This is a very first opportunity in Winnipeg. It really is a big league, big market exposure.

Wood uses a variety of styles, influences and subject matter in his work, which celebrates his musical heroes, the bands he was part of and the natural world.

“[Wood] was an artist, painter and art student before he was a musician,” Donnelly said.

“So it’s a passion of his life and it’s something he’s done his entire career.”

The gallery, which opened on Tuesday, is on the lower level of 225 Carlton St., the True North Square residential tower.

The Ronnie Wood Pop-Up Gallery will be open for walk-in and private tours throughout the summer. Most of the pieces in the collection are for sale.

“These are one-of-a-kind pieces. These are rare originals from a world-renowned artist,” Donnelly said.

Winnipeg is the second Canadian city to host an exhibition of Wood’s art.