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Ride’s Andy Bell announces new solo album and shares “Something Like Love”


Stroll‘s Andy Bell will release his second solo album, Sway, February 11 via Sonic Cathedral. This is an 18-track double album that stems from songs he started in the studio of his former Beadie Eye bandmate Gem Archer long before the pandemic. Bell says that in some ways it represents a bit of artistic time travel, starting with the album cover which features a snippet of Ride’s album photoshoots in 1990. Nowhere to songs, some of which date back to the 80s.

“When I think of Sway, I see it as a fence, ”says Andy. “More literally, on a half-finished project from over six years ago, but also on a much larger timescale. Some of these songs date back to the ’90s and the cognitive dissonance of writing brand new lyrics on songs over 20 years old feels like it’s, almost literally, an exchange of ideas with my younger self.

The first single from the album is “Something Like Love”, which could be a parallel universe version of Ride’s “Vapor Trail”, with similar chords and strummings but a very different result. It’s a beautiful song and you can watch the video below.

Andy has some upcoming UK solo concert dates and those are listed below.

1. Heaven without you
2. It gets easier
3. The world of echo
4. Something like love
5. Jenny Holzer B. Goode
6. Way of the world
7. Riverside
8. We all fall
9. Don’t get out alive
10. The mirror
11. Love is frequency
12. Gyre and Gimble
13. Lifebuoy
14. She calls the melody
15. Sidewinder
16. When the lights go out
17. This is our year
18. Holidays in the sun

January 31 – Three wise monkeys – Colchester
February 1 – Hot Box Live – Chelmsford
February 2 – The Black Prince – Northampton
February 3 – The Smokehouse – Ipswich
February 4 – The Jericho Tavern – Oxford
February 6 – Town Hall – Trowbridge
February 12 – Rough Trade East – London
February 13 – Rough Trade – Bristol
February 14 – The Portland Arms – Cambridge
February 15 – Gross Trade – Nottingham
February 16 – Resident Music – Brighton