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‘Rare and historically significant harbor scene’ painting in Mitchells auction


ARTWORKS are expected to be the most prized lots at Mitchells Antiques and Fine Art sale next week.

There will be around 1,250 lots, including a rare and historically significant harbor scene by celebrated Victorian artist William Mitchell of Maryport (1823-1900) which has an auction estimate of £5,000-8,000 and is the earliest example of this type to be seen in the auction room.

Titled “Old Maryport in the year 1834 Looking Over The Graving Bank To The Drawbridge Moat Hill” and signed and dated 1887, the artist also lists “well-known figures” by name, including “Mick Hutchinson, wooden leg” “Crazy Barney” ‘Johnnie Heroe’ and ‘Young Benson’.

An earlier painting by William Mitchell titled ‘Maryport Harbour, Moat Hill, Graving Bank Bridge, Peat’s Shipyard’ dated 1889 was sold at Mitchells for £8,000 in November 2015.

Other valuable works of art for sale include a portrait of Sandor Wekerle, three-time Prime Minister of Hungary, by Philip de Laszlo (Hungarian 1869-1937) and a Hungarian pastel portrait Edit of Lukacs Lessner by Jozsef Ripple-Ronai (Kaposbar 1861-1927) both of which are expected to sell for £4,000-6,000.

The watercolors by French-born English society artist Augustus Jules Bouvier (1825-1881) ‘Lady holding corsage’ and ‘Lady holding basket of fruit’ have estimates of £300-500 each.

SALE: A painting by Michael Bennett (1934-2016) is expected to fetch £1,500-2,000

Among the more modern works of art for sale is a mixed media composition by Michael Bennett (1934-2016), sold by the artist to the current owner as one of his best works, which has a value of 1 £500-2000.

A collection of gouache works by London artist and illustrator Charles Clixby Watson (1906-1964) has various estimates ranging from £100 to £300.

News and Stars: LOCAL: LOCAL: “Main Entrance to Carlisle Castle” attributed to Matthew Ellis Nutter (1795-1862) has an estimate of £200-300

Of local interest are an early 19th century watercolor ‘Irish Gate Carlisle’ attributed to Robert Carlisle or William Nutter (1754-1802) and another watercolor ‘Front entry Carlisle Castle’ attributed to Matthew Ellis Nutter (1795-1862) all two with estimates of £200-£300 each.

Highlights among the furnishings are an early 18th century walnut desk bookcase with original mirror plates which should fetch between £800 and £1,200.

An early 18th century walnut bureau bookcase of small proportions, a late 17th century walnut bureau and a Regency mahogany duo stand all have estimates of £600-800.

News and Star: TALLENTIRE: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany display case from Tallentire Hall is expected to sell for £400-£600TALLENTIRE: An Edwardian inlaid mahogany display case from Tallentire Hall is expected to sell for £400-600 A 1970s rosewood veneer desk sold with a CITES certificate is worth £200-300 and a pair of late Victorian barber’s chairs by Claughtons Leeds has an estimate of £150-200.

Asian Art features a large 19th century Japanese charger depicting artists’ scrolls and playing the game Go which is expected to fetch £150-200.

A large collection of Tunbridge Ware boxes are also on sale with estimates ranging from £30 to £250.

Collectibles include a Cuirassier Chatellerault 1813 saber worth £200-300 and a Victorian Royal Naval bicorne in a toleware case worth £100-150.

The sale will take place from June 15 to 17. The lots will be visible in the auction room from June 12th.

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