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PETA calls out Kanye West and The Game for using Skinned Monkey


The artwork for Kanye West and The Game’s new single, “Eazy,” which shows a flayed monkey, pissed off PETA.

Animal rights organization president Ingrid Newkirk released a statement Billboard on Friday, January 14, slamming the duo for promoting and sharing the footage via social media.

“The photo is reminiscent of the monkeys PETA has found, sometimes heads, sometimes hands, sometimes whole bodies, in meat markets around the world and it’s clear that when you strip the fur you can’t miss that. ‘there’s a person in there, that they’re other primates and they’re not ours to abuse for any purpose – not in labs, roadside zoos, movies or meat markets,” the statement said.

Ye and Game released their new single on Friday afternoon, hours after its scheduled release. The artists shared artwork promoting the single on social media, which depicts a monkey hanging from its arms with its skin removed, skull bloodied and muscles fully visible.

XXL has reached out to representatives for Kanye West and The Game for comment.

Shocking cover art aside, the song made headlines for Kanye to shoot his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. On the record, which is produced by Hit-Boy, Mike Dean, Big Duke, DJ Premier and Cash Jones, Ye raps, “God saved me from this accident/Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass (Who ?).”

The last few days have been hectic to say the least for Kanye. He is also accused of hitting a man who approached him for an autograph in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 13).

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