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PaydayNow: 28 unique online stationery businesses for 2021


We’re not sure why it occurs now, but we need a new pencil case. Maybe it’s the recollection of summer vacations ending and September bringing thrilling new possibilities. Our list includes 28 of the greatest online stationery stores for creatives. They’re also self-sufficient.

We asked the Twitter creative community for ideas, and they delivered. With these suggestions, you should be set! From well-known brands to emerging stores, there’s something for everyone. Paper, pencils, calendars, and diaries are among the office essentials.

Rather than feeling upset that August has been rainy (at least for us Brits) or that the fragrance of fall is in the air, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and restock our home office. Supporting independent producers and small companies. Check out a direct lender Near Me called PaydayNow.net for small business financing.

1. Ponderosa

Carina Lawson’s Paperlily stationery firm creates attractive, eco-friendly planners and paper items. Carina’s company aims to “spark pleasure, purpose, and strength in women seeking for a life of fullness, not busyness.” It grew out of dissatisfaction with traditional planners that never appeared to include personal life. Carina’s plans contain lots of room.

2. Papergang

Papergang, by OhhDeer, is an online stationery business that offers a subscription service where it partners with an artist each month to produce special stationery delivered to your home. Pretty Strange Design’s Ciara LeRoy and Brighton’s Sea Creatures are recent examples. Papergang also plants a tree for every four boxes sold – over 40,000 thus far. We’ll sign up for it.

3. Brook, Martha

“It all started with one girl and her printer,” says the narrative behind Martha Brook, a well-known stationery business situated in London. Martha, a “self-confessed stationery fanatic,” established her first stationery company at the age of eleven. In 2013, Martha resigned her corporate scientific job to pursue her goal of opening an internet business.

4. Pre-Break

Before Breakfast, a newcomer to the scene, promises sustainable paper items created in London. The independent firm employs modest conventional printing and bookbinding equipment, and the whole process is viewed from start to finish at its Highbury & Islington workshop. Materials are chosen for their quality and environmental impact. Visit them; you won’t be disappointed.

5. Gifts

From independent paper and pens to greeting cards and presents, this fascinating Aladdin’s Cave of stationery launched in 2005. And creator Sarah is eager to advise on purchases.

6. Osity

Osity is a premium stationery company with designs inspired by a traditional printer workshop. Sarah Wood-Lane grew up in our family printing company and now operates her own factory in rural England. Given our rural location, we take our obligation to maintain and preserve nature extremely seriously. “All of our goods are created from recycled and FSC-certified materials, and we strive to be plastic-free.”

7. Journal Store

As well as a brand agency, Notable Products curates sophisticated stationery and lifestyle designs through The Journal Shop. “To travel, select, and bring beautiful designs home” is the team’s motto. The company has spent the past decade curating a selection of attractive goods that even the founders want to purchase and live by. Its gorgeous assortment is available in retailers throughout the UK and the Middle East.

8. Tigre Pape

“We are all intellectuals, artists,” says Papier Tigre since 2012. Keeping this in mind, each collection is as local, eco-friendly, and transparent as possible. To lower its carbon impact, it now produces more items in its 3rd arrondissement workshop.

9. Reply-Print

Shop online for art, design, illustration, kids, lifestyle, and office products at Counter-Print. When a husband and wife pair discovered antique design books while traveling in Belgium and Holland, they decided to start a side enterprise. It’s now a prominent retailer and publisher, selling attractive designer stationery items including pencils, pens, notebooks, tape, staplers, and sticky notes.

10. Pure Pens

Niche Pens delivers on its name. Pens are their specialty, and they stock brands including Pelikan, Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer & Cross, and Noodler’s Ink. Based in Newport, South Wales, they provide a wide choice of brands not readily accessible in the UK.

11. Bumbles, Barnaby

Barney Bumbles makes handcrafted bright crayons and homewares for all ages. Also, they provide cute animal crayons, letterbox presents, adult coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, and party bags.

12. Store Uguisu

Uguisu has been trading in Japan since 2009. They launched their online shop last year, offering a carefully chosen range of Japanese items. In addition to books, they source rare things from artists and small producers such as paper, linens, and textiles. None of their products are mass-produced and all purchases come with their unique wrapping paper. “We hunt for cultural or traditional works, unique artifacts, hard to obtain stuff, and ordinary items with beauty,” they say.

13. Oh, Laura

‘Oh, Laura’ sounds odd until you realize it’s a one-woman show run by, you guessed it, Laura. She’s the principal designer, manufacturer, order packer, post office runner, accountant, and tea maker. Laura started the company from her Sheffield bedroom, printing phrases on tote bags using foam letters she cut out by hand and painted. It’s now a huge online enterprise with a variety of items aimed at boosting daily cheerfulness. Cards, notebooks, stickers, sticky notes, and washi tape are examples.

14. Positive Planning

Ali and Finn want to help as many people as possible. It’s a goal they aim toward by creating attractive educational planners and courses for mental health and wellness. Their first book, The Positive Planner, is a 12-week notebook of self-care, appreciation, and everyday optimism. The authors say they employed writing and creative self-care practices to help themselves heal. With this in mind, we decided to create a line of attractive self-care stationery that people would fall in love with and use!

15. Lift

LIFESTYLE STORE IN SOUTHWOLD – SOURCING AND CREATING WELL-DESIGNED, FUNCT Almost everything they carry is Danish or Japanese influenced. Among their card designers are Paul Farrel, Brie Harrison, and Miss Shelly Designs.

16. Completist

Marko and Jana, a husband and wife team from Peckham, London, launched The Completist in January 2018. From cards for every occasion to their iconic lay-flat notebooks, they offer something for any design-conscious stationery fan. Marko and Jana also go above and beyond to ensure The Completist’s sustainability. 90 percent of the product is created in the UK by small, independent producers using FSC-certified paper and biodegradable film bags.

17. Choosing to Keep

Choosing Keeping started off as a modest boutique on east London’s iconic Columbia Road in 2012. The business now maintains a physical presence at 21 Tower Street (near Covent Garden) and sells online to clients worldwide. Its proprietors think artifacts, pens, glue, and stationery accouterment should be valued for their historical and cultural worth, as well as their design and practicality.

18. Observe & Rect

P&C was founded in 2009 by two graphic designers who love to travel and collect old objects. “It’s a presentation of our interests since school,” they remark. “It is the result of a long-term passion for stationery. Homework, the post office, and school-inspired paper and office furniture. We aim to evoke a memory, a smile, or help you appreciate every day in a new way.”

19. Ola

ola’s hallmark product is the Layflat Notebook, a wonderfully constructed instrument that aspires to inspire its user with beauty and tactility. Diaries, patterned papers, and greeting cards are all available in the ola product collections. “Our tiny crew prints finishes, and perfects our items,” they claim. “We work on a few unique projects every year and have partnered with the Eames office, Heal’s, and the Royal Opera House.”

20. Nikki’s Supply

Nikki’s Supply Store has lovely journals and notebooks, stickers, erasers, pencils, highlighters, rulers, and stencils. Nikki is a big fan of Ryder Carroll’s bullet journals, which incorporate scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational activities into one notebook.

21. Stationer

After two years of sharing the world’s greatest stationery, Tessa Sowry-Osborne decided to create a business. Tessa’s goal is to be the go-to source for goods that will make your desk appear nice while also helping you be more organized. Products include cards, tape, paper, and pencils.

22. Pith

Andrew Hardie and Liam Goward founded Pith in early 2020 as a passion project. The pith creates and produces premium items sustainably created in Northumberland. They think great items shouldn’t be expensive or harmful to the environment. Local painters, illustrators, and designers helped develop their sketchbooks, notebooks, calendars, and pads.

23. Dashery

Friends Sarah Arkle and Carrie Wainer founded a shop in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, in 2019. There are gifts, accessories, homewares, and other wonderful things to uncover, all sourced from independent artisans and small firms. They treat online consumers as well as local ones, providing personalized service from order placement to delivery. For a little fee, Sarah and Carrie can write unique remarks, gift wrap, and add a greetings card with your purchase.

24. Careful Ink

Meticulous Ink is a printworks and luxury stationery company situated in Bath. They make them on their 1960s presses. This is a terrific site to get gorgeous and unusual greeting cards, stationery sets, and other textured printed things.

25. Archives & Libraries

Libraries & Archives Paper Company, founded in 2020, is a classic stationer with modern ideals. They want to deliver you a happy stationery buying experience from home, with the greatest quality and most desirable stationery goods in the world. Join their creative community, The Correspondents’ Club, to be kept updated on new items.

26. Paperie Studio

Catherine Northorpe, from the North East of England, began marbling last year during the second Covid shutdown and has been hooked ever since. She thinks that beautiful things and high workmanship should be affordable to anyone. She hopes to revive this old tradition with Studio Paperie and create a unique piece of enchantment for each client.

27. Varying colors

Colors May Vary is a Leeds-based independent store selling beautiful, practical, and inspiring items. Founded in 2012, they specialize in graphic design, typography, illustration, and product design. They stock books, journals, prints, cards, presents, wrap, homeware, and stationery from established and emerging creators.

28. Aldous, Fred

Browse the Fred Aldous collection to make your workstation the envy of coworkers and acquaintances. You’ll find anything from mustache paper clips to scented pencils from Midori and Hightide. This Manchester and Leeds-based firm has been trading since 1886 and has over 25,000 amazing things in its web shop.