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Original Death of Superman artwork sells for over half a million at auction


“The Death of Superman” is one of the hero’s most iconic stories, and some of his original artwork by Jon Bogdanove just sold for a pretty penny.

Death of Superman Original Header Art

Original “The Death of Superman” comic book event artwork sells for over half a million dollars at auction.

Through Heritage Auctions, artist John Bogdanove has sold interior and cover pages of the iconic Superman script. Bleeding Cool reported the various price tags the pieces were for, which totaled around $513,000 in total. The highest bid alone was $204,000 for the original cover that adorns the collected screenplay paperback. The sale also comes as “The Death of Superman” celebrates its 30th anniversary this year in 2022.

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The Death of Superman Trade Paperback Original Cover Art

To sum up “The Death of Superman,” Superman dies – although there’s more to it. The event became one of the most well-known stories to date, even attracting mainstream media attention upon its release. The story also introduced readers to Doomsday, who has since become one of DC Comics’ most recognizable villains in the eyes of fans.

The Death of Superman Funeral Day Original Artwork

“The Death of Superman” centers on a brutal fight between the monstrous villain and the Man of Steel, and its plot has found its way into projects beyond just comic books. In live-action, Superman’s death defeating Doomsday was very loosely adapted to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder. The full event has been more accurately adapted for the DC Animated Universe, between films The Death of Superman (2018) and Reign of the Supermen (2019).

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Death of Superman Doomsday Fight Original Art

For the 30th anniversary event, DC isn’t just aiming to kill Superman, but the entire Justice League. Written by Joshua Williamson with illustrations by Rafa Sandoval, Justice League #75 – titled “The Death of the Justice League” – will kill off nine main heroes from the iconic team. Superman is one of the potential heroes on the chopping block, along with other leaguers like Batman and Wonder Woman.

Death of Superman Funeral Procession Original Art

The issue comes just before Williamson’s next DC event, dark crisis. With the Justice League gone, the legacy heroes of the DC Universe – the Titans, Young Justice and others – will have to step up and deal with the crisis on their own. Just what exactly dark crisis will involve remains to be seen, though published art pages have shown heroes like Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Wally West/The Flash, and Yara Flor/Wonder Girl can play prominent roles.

Justice League #75 comes out April 26 from DC Comics. The problem is then followed by Free Comic Book Day 2022: Dark Crisis – Special Edition #0 on May 7, which serves as a precursor to the event kicking off on June 7.

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Source: Heritage Auctions via Bleeding Cool

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