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Nirali Shah and Hana Nakhwa tell us how Pinterest is making content creation more “satisfying” for artists and creators!


Pinterest is often our go-to app for creative ideas and art, but is it more beneficial than other social media apps for content creators? Let’s find out!

When we think of content creation, we think of Instagram. Instagram is home to all types of content, whether it’s fashion, skincare, makeup, photography, humor, and more. Browsing through Reels, you regularly come across artistic content. There are reels for painting, crafting, resin art, and embroidery, among others. A social media platform that similarly empowers artistic content creators but gets little traction is pinterest, our go-to app for creative ideas and art, aka the home of aesthetics. He generously helps those who teach, learn or consume the art. Consequently, many artists and content creators swear by Pinterest.

One of these independent artists is Nirali Shah whose artistic journey began on Instagram, but the constant support of the public motivated her to join Pinterest. It is her happy space where she expresses what she likes to do, without worrying about its scope. Artist and Art Influencer, Hana Nakhwawho typically posts videos and slide art on Pinterest, says, “Because the app’s algorithm focuses on quality rather than quantity, it’s easier to increase your visibility, even with a good pin. I think one of its main advantages is the less pressure, there is no competition.

Pinterest is surely a creative platform but what sets it apart from the crowd? According to Hana, while other platforms encourage 15-30 second videos, Pinterest lets you explain things in detail in multiple slides. Other qualities highlighted by Nirali are the minimal features of Pinterest and the lack of dependence on the time of publication of the content. “Content can be created at your own pace without affecting engagement; not posting for a while will not cause you to lose followers. This encourages quality work that can be reused on other platforms.

While Pinterest is beneficial in many areas, it’s no fairy tale. Hana struggles to add copyright-free audio to videos because Pinterest doesn’t have a built-in audio library. Content creation, although considered a hobby, is a source of life for many. Nirali explains that since Pinterest is all about ideas and inspiration, it’s not ideal for business. Due to its limited built-in features, conversions are less. It cannot be invoked for monetary growth, except for the affiliation part which is not accessible to everyone.

However, the good part is that these drawbacks do not overshadow the positive qualities of Pinterest. In fact, you can showcase your Pinterest content on other social media platforms to leverage it, attracting a large and diverse audience. How? Nirali uses his board content for story polls (eg this or that), beautiful backgrounds (for articles/stories/covers), quotes that can be used for captions, and shares his popular pins on other platforms. Hana usually posts shorter versions of videos on other platforms and links them to the long version on Pinterest.

Leveraging your Pinterest content on other platforms is possible and doable. However, you must first configure the base. “Use all the new features that Pinterest has come up with – idea pins, regular pins. Organize your board into sections. Try using more than one slide; people love step-by-step idea pins,” advises Hana “Don’t sit on the idea of ​​creating. Go ahead and be you. Be original and above all have fun,” she adds.

Pinterest is a gold mine for content consumers and creators, but it can also be tricky ground. However, it is definitely something worth experimenting with. It has its own strengths and vices, which makes it a breeding ground for displaying your ideas, skills, and talents. Like Hana and Nirali, any artist with access to Pinterest can be a creator if they understand the platform and use it to their advantage.

Are you ready to become a Pinterest creator?

You can find Hana Nakhwa at @artistically.__.yours and @hananakhwa and Nirali Shah to @nirali.paints and @niralipaints on Instagram and Pinterest respectively.

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