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NFT’s “Baby Sharks” Coming to MakersPlace Digital Art Platform – Billboard


To date, Pinkfong’s viral hit “Baby Shark” has spawned an animated TV series, a children’s book, and even Kellogg’s breakfast cereal. Now, the brand is expanding in the NFT space with a new collection on the digital art platform MakersPlace.

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Scheduled to debut Thursday at 3:30 p.m. PST, the very first Baby Shark NFT collection is a collaboration between Pinkfong parent company SmartStudy and Pinkfong’s global music partner, Sony Music Entertainment / Relentless Records.

The six-piece collection, now available in preview on MakersPlace, includes a one-off (1/1) and five limited-edition pieces that feature Baby Shark and his family in original looping animations inspired by collectors’ holographic playing cards. Each song is accompanied by an audio referring to the song “Baby Shark”.

The one-off, titled “Baby Shark No. 1”, is a one-minute digital NFT that shows Baby Shark traveling “through a newly redesigned dreamlike underwater world, seen through a lens that depicts Baby Shark in a new. captivating light, “according to a press release. The music playing on the visual is described as” a custom, classically composed electronic movement built around “the original song. The winner of the piece will receive a personalized vinyl, created by Pinkfong to accompany the NFT, which will include the music for the digital piece as well as the accompanying illustrations.

In August, Sony Music joined the $ 30 million Series A funding round for MakersPlace alongside Eminem, former CEO of Def Jam. Paul Rosenberg and DJ 3LAU. The following month, Sony Music announced a strategic partnership with MakersPlace which saw Sony artist Shakira donate Audiovisual TVN On the platform.

Since its YouTube debut in June 2016, “Baby Shark” has received a Diamond Certification from the RIAA based on sales of over 11 million copies; the song also peaked at No. 32 on Billboard’s Hot 100. It is currently the most-watched YouTube video of all time with over 9.7 billion views to date.

“This marks the start of our journey into the world of NFT, an important next chapter in Baby Shark’s journey,” said the CEO of Pinkfong USA. Bin jeong in a report. “As an internet-born sensation, it is a natural progression for Baby Shark to embrace NFTs and we are excited to share the experience with the community.”

Co-founder and CEO of MakersPlace Dannie chu added, “Over the past year, we have seen a strong demand from our community for music-inspired NFTs. We want to expand our offerings in this space by providing the platform, tools and curatorial support to help bring great audiovisual works to life on the blockchain. We are excited to partner with Pinkfong to bring the world of Baby Shark to the digital arts space.