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NFT Music: Mad Rabbits Riot Club Releases “Welcome To Gang Wars” Mixtape Which Can Be Purchased With Cryptocurrency


HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — A group of collectors who met in the crypto world have built a community where both artists and consumers can benefit from digital assets. And now they’ve collaborated with Houston artists and released an NFT, non-fungible token mixtape titled “Welcome to Gang Wars.”

NFTs exist in the crypto world, but they hold real value worth real money. Mad Rabbits Riot ClubMRRC, started as a profile picture project, PFP, as an avatar people use online.

MRRC’s collection of 7,500 unique Mad Rabbit NFTs are digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Carlos Buentello, creator of MRRC, goes through Nauts in the crypto world. He said they teamed up with Next to who were already collecting NFTs, which made the new project “organic”.

The mixtape features artists from Sideways, a multi-platinum Juno award-winning artist collective based in Toronto, Canada.

“It’s kind of the first of its kind. We’re in uncharted territory here,” Buentello said.

You can think of owning NFT music like owning a vinyl record. You can stream the music anywhere for free, but owning the original copy of this disc makes it valuable. When you own NFT music, your ownership goes to the blockchain which is essentially a public record of your ownership. Make it official.

“As we grow as a brand, our collector will grow with us,” Buentello said. “It’s extremely exciting to hold these NFTs as we continue to develop and create new things the world hasn’t seen with music and NFTs.”

MRRC x Sideways’ “Welcome To Gang Wars” album released its first phase on Nifty Gateway’s web3 platform October 31.

The release date for the second phase, which will be available on web2, i.e. wherever you can stream, has not been announced.

Clever Gateway is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store digital art and collectibles.

“We first started with the first phase, which was 7,500 bunnies. They are all unique in their own way. But, as the story started to develop, we created what we call ‘gang wars.’ And we created these 10 factions where you can choose who you rock with as the story continues to evolve,” Buentello explained. “We created an anthem for each ‘gang,’ if you will. There are 10 gangs associated with Mad Rabbits and there are 10 tracks associated with this drop.”

Several MRRC holders call Houston home, including Kirko Bangz, Donkeeboy, David Anderson III.

Not only are you buying NFT music, but it also comes with digital artwork created by artists from Houston and around the world.

Dallion Richards, co-founder of MRRC, goes through Thruster in the world of crypto.

“A big part of the web3, blockchain and crypto economy is ownership. Individual ownership of digital assets. What we saw take off (in 2021) was avatar ownership. So we created this collectible avator that allowed us to bridge the digital world of fine art into the world of digital collectibles. We wanted to bridge those two worlds with that beautiful aesthetic but also with something that would inspire people to collect the NFT,” Richards said.

The creators said they started this project in 2021 to build a community with shared values. Having a digital community helps provide access to these digital assets, allowing people to become more engaged.

“We understood what the community wanted,” Buentello said. “The relationships we build as we build this project are what’s most important to me as a founder.”

“Our goal is to create that safe space,” Richards added. “We welcome people who have never been in this ecosystem before (the crypto world) and we want to give them access to these unique and special artists and showcase these talents in this world.”

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