Home Artwork New Upfest 2022 artwork is starting to emerge in South Bristol

New Upfest 2022 artwork is starting to emerge in South Bristol


Several works of art have emerged in South Bristol this week as Upfest kicks off its big celebration marking 15 years of creativity.

The Bristol festival that champions street art has promised its biggest year yet to mark its 15th anniversary this year. Since May 5, renowned artists known locally and internationally have flocked to the streets of Bedminster to display their unique artistry and create their own murals on residential and commercial buildings.

An impressive number of people are participating in 2022 with over 400 artists lining up to make their mark in Bedminster. Among them are notable artists mydogsighs and GOIN who have both amassed huge followings online.

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There are still some big spots to fill in the area, such as the tobacco factory spot overlooking the Aldi car park – which previously housed Greta’s mural and now Greek artist Insane51’s skeleton-girl 3D painting. British artist Sophie Mess was selected to take the top spot – she is known for her botanical designs.

But what works have appeared so far this week? Here’s a snippet of some of the incredible artwork that has emerged in South Bristol so far.