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‘Mr Eggs’ Video Shows How Lighthorseman’s Artwork Was Created


A VIDEO has revealed how Banksy-style artwork in a York pub was created in the middle of the night – by a mysterious Yorkshire-loving ‘Mr Eggs’.

It shows a character with a pointed hat, carrying the message: “It’s not me, it’s the others.”

Dan posted on the pub’s Facebook page: ‘We’ve had a Banksy-esque piece of wall art appear overnight at the pub – does anyone know who the artist is?’

There was speculation that it might actually be a Banksy – a work by the pseudonymous street artist whose satirical street art and subversive epigrams, executed with a distinctive stencil technique, have appeared in the streets, walls and bridges around the world.

“Someone said if it was a Banksy it would be worth more than the pub!” says Dan.

An email containing the video, sent to The Press last night, simply read: “Think you might like it? Thank you, Mr Eggs.”

The video shows the artwork created by torchlight with stencils and spray paints.

York Press:

It is accompanied by a song paying homage to Yorkshire.

The lyrics include the lines: “The rest of England have a bad idea of ​​the kind of people who live here… They think Yorkshire is full of smoke… and the only thing we’re good at is our beer… We don’t all wear flat caps and spiked boots, we don’t all eat black pudding and booze, and Yorkshire isn’t all dust and grime… You can have a great time walking the moors taking in the views.”

York Press:

The press have emailed ‘Mr Eggs’ asking what the cryptic message in the artwork means and if he has any plans for more such photos around York, but he hasn’t not answered yet.