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Lady Gaga goes behind the DJ booth at Dom Pérignon’s LA dinner – WWD


“Good to see you all,” Lady Gaga said, addressing the dinner party, microphone in hand. “Thank you very much for being here.”

Crowds sat outdoors atop the tennis courts at the Sheats–Goldstein Residence in the hills of Los Angeles–the architectural landmark designed by John Lautner. Owner and townsman James Goldstein, Billy Porter, Anderson .Paak and Alexandra Daddario were among the guests around the seemingly endless table; arched mirrors at either end framed the illusion, with white neon lights illuminating the night.

The evening was hosted by Dom Pérignon, the vintage champagne brand of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, toasting Gaga’s partnership with the company on Thursday.

“I love working with Dom Pérignon and Vincent Chaperon,” continued the pop star and actress of Dom Pérignon’s cellar master. She wore a gothic black ensemble, complete with gloves and platforms, by Topo Studio NY. “Hello my friend,” she said turning to him.

“Tonight we want to celebrate creativity, from within,” Gaga said. “Tonight we will focus on the introspective nature of being an artist, reflecting not only on our talent but also on our imagination, on all the possibilities and the specialness of what it is to really collaborate. When you are collaborating, it reminds you that there is an audience and maybe your friend is watching. I would like to introduce you to someone I really like. In fact, I spent the whole day working with him in the studio. His name is Alex Smith. He’s one of the most brilliant jazz pianists I’ve ever heard in my life, my favorite being Thelonious Monk.

She stopped, telling Chaperon, “If jazz could be a champagne, it would be Thelonious Monk, Vincent.” She continued, of Smith, “I hope you guys really listen to him tonight. My favorite thing about him is that while he plays he sings. But you can’t hear him. . He just sings to himself. He’s a great artist. Have a great night. Love you.”

At the right time, Smith, a Grammy Award-winning pianist and composer, started playing the piano. He brought half the group to their feet, moving closer to get a better look.

It was an international crowd; Dom Pérignon’s in-house team across all markets, led by Marketing Director Jacques Giraco, and Moët & Chandon CEO Berta de Pablos-Barbier, mingled with the likes of French model Cindy Bruna , the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, the Mexican dancer Isaac Hernández. , and Spanish actor and actress Paco León and Milena Smit.

“Tonight is all about creation and artistic dialogue,” Chaperon had said earlier, as dinner got underway before Gaga arrived. “Since now 2021, we have been working on matches with the talented and visionary Lady Gaga – I will be honored to host a little later tonight. Creation is work. It is passionate and relentless work. a job that is never finished. For me, it is a job in constant quest for harmony. And for Dom Pérignon, it is a job that elevates us.

Gaga has designed limited-edition bottles for the house, in collaboration with Nicola Formichetti, which come to life in a fantastic short film campaign. A 2008 vintage rosé was served, accompanied by a menu created by chef Jordan Kahn of Vespertine.

“I thought Dom Pérignon rosé was really the best wine to embody the vision of our founder, the Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, considered the father of champagne,” Chaperon said. “He lived with a philosophy, ‘ora et labora’, which in Latin means ‘pray and work’. So today, we are still inspired by his vision and we seek harmony as a source of emotion. So tonight, I just want to share this emotion with all of you.

The glasses have been raised.

“Bravo to you,” he said. “Health, well done. Let’s party.”

The party continued downstairs in Goldstein’s club space, overlooking the Los Angeles skyline. Formichetti was among those who showed up after dinner, along with Alex Isreal, Rickey Thompson and Kerwin Frost, dancing to the hard-hitting beats of DJ Hana Gabrielle Pestle – known as Hana. Gaga joined her behind the booth as they danced to her songs and others, including Beyoncé’s “Pure/Honey.”

iPhones have been elevated to capture every moment.