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Kelley Anderson, Founder of Art Botanica, Talks About Creating Art With Moss


Kelley Anderson, founder and artist behind Botanical art, creates his works of art with foam. His work has been seen around the world, including installations in Dubai, Australia, Europe and India.

She and her fiance Gavin Brodin, known for his luxury interior design business Design by Brodin, collaborated on the launch of Beauty and the Brit, which features stories about art and design, travel, dining and lifestyle, including tips on parenting and relationships.

We emailed Kelley Anderson a few questions about working with Moss and her other activities.

What prompted you to work with mousse the first time?

On a trip to Paris, I came across an entire 4 story building that was engulfed in colorful plants and I was in love. It is a creation of Patrick Blanc, an artist specializing in living walls. When I got home, I decided to create an alternative to the living wall that was just as lush, vibrant and beautiful, but without the care or maintenance. I discovered a method of foam perseverance using glycerin that kept it soft and vibrant for years and years, and I began to arrange it to create “living” foam walls that didn’t. were not yet alive, but seem very much alive.

Some of your projects, like the 75 square foot wall Bellwether, are quite large. Is your foam of sustainable origin? Where can you find so much foam? What’s the process?

I always get my moss from American moss farms, based in Kentucky and Florida. In fact, they’re making farmhouse moss these days! The preservation process involves soaking the foam in a bath of glycerin. Foam leaves absorb glycerin and displace water, essentially keeping the froth freshness indefinitely.

You and your fiancé, Gavin Brodin, have a smart lifestyle site called The beauty and the british. I guess you are the beauty and he is the Briton but tell us about the site. What can readers expect?

Hahahaha, although sometimes people would say that Gavin is also handsome. Beauty and The Brit is a blog of our unique life together. We all have journeys that move us forward until you are united with yourself. My person just rode a windy road like mine. We have therefore made it a point of honor to share our relationship and our life with the world by inviting people into the life we ​​have created. We have a beautiful blended family, made up of 3 boys, 3 dogs, 3 cats and a lot of character. We are both entrepreneurs and share a love of nature and travel. We are inspired by customs, people and way of life around the world and we have found ourselves later in life hoping that others can take the life we ​​thought was worth conceiving. On this blog you will find information about all the hidden gems we discover during our travels, great recipes that we recreate from our favorite restaurants (we are great foodies), heartwarming stories from our moments spent in family together, as well as tips on how to create your own “designed life” through mindfulness and other everyday practices.

What do you think of NFT as a trend in the art world? It seems your art is the antithesis of an NFT or do you see a way to create digital art that matches your work?

I am very interested in the development of NFTs and the expansion of art in the digital space. Although my work is very different from digital art because you can touch it, smell it (energetically speaking) and smell it (it connects people to nature), I think about how we continue to make a connection. between people and a connection between people and nature, which I think is essential. Maybe there is a possibility to create a super realistic digital nature immersion experience or other ways to simulate this connection in a very real and natural way? That would be my hope.

Do you have any advice for other artists looking to become entrepreneurs and turn their art into a full-time business?

Follow your heart and do what feels right for you, follow your inspiration. I sincerely believe in the power of your intentions and use your heart-guided intuition to find your way. Anything is possible, and if you love to create it, then there is room in this world for your creations. When you stay open, opportunities for growth and expansion, both personally and commercially, will present themselves. You have to believe in yourself 100%.

Would you like our readers to know anything else about you or your business?

My business is an extension of my personal expression, so it is constantly evolving and expanding. I allow myself to go beyond that and try new things, including designing and building a Burning Man Fraktel’s art installation in 2019, and also by creating a monumental sculpture company (aka large scale) called Alexandre nicole with my fiance, Gavin Brodin.


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