Home Art sale IRON MAIDEN artist DEREK RIGGS kicks off pre-sale of new Axes High t-shirt in support of PAUL DI’ANNO’s medical treatments

IRON MAIDEN artist DEREK RIGGS kicks off pre-sale of new Axes High t-shirt in support of PAUL DI’ANNO’s medical treatments


Here’s an update from writer Stjepan Juras, who has written many Iron Maiden-related books. Juras was instrumental in helping former frontman Paul Di’Anno raise money for medical treatment in Croatia which prevented the loss of his leg.

Juras: “As you know, the entire Iron Maiden fan community stood up and gave legendary vocalist Paul Di’Anno a helping hand. Iron Maiden & Phantom Music also joined in this great action. This story wouldn’t be complete without the legendary monster Eddie and his creator Derek Riggs. Derek offered his special artwork which we will print on a t-shirt, along with a special certificate. The shirt will be unique and you’ve never seen anything like it. Remember, Eddie “killed” Paul on the Venezuelan edition of the Maiden Japan live EP, and now he’s going to resurrect him and give him a chance for a new life on his own two feet. bundles with the 2022 event t-shirt and signed Warhorse DVD single at maidencroatia.com/warhorse.”

Front design of the t-shirt:

“While there were various suggestions and ideas for what to put on the front of the shirt, Derek chose one of his previously unreleased illustrations directly related to the Killers album. He called the illustration “Axes High”, in order to playfully play with the theme of the illustration and the name of the famous 1984 single Maiden. write a message of support, Axes High For Paul Di’Anno!”

Design of the back of the t-shirt:

“The back design of this t-shirt will not be revealed until September 1st once the design is ready for release. What is so special and unique about this design that it must be revealed a month later?For the first time in history, the names of the fans who helped do a good deed with this purchase, will be printed on the t-shirt, meaning each t -shirt will be personalized.

We want to present it to you in more detail how it will look like. Namely, under the illustration at the top of the back, the inscription ‘Axes Crossed Tour 2022’ will be written, and instead of the names of the cities and the dates of the imaginary tour, the names of the fans will be written in the same form. than tour dates, which are usually found on band t-shirts. It is for this reason that we cannot show you the final design. Only a limited number of names will fit on the back of each t-shirt, so if you want to be part of the story and have your name included, you better order quickly (you can choose not to have your name printed if you don’t like it, let us know).

This is Derek’s first time drawing Paul, since the Venezuelan edition of the single “Maiden Japan” in 1981, where he was beheaded by Eddie. Today, smiling and proud, Paul thanks all the fans who helped him on his road to recovery. Someone would say ‘fingers crossed’ for successful future operations, but we’ll say ‘Axes Crossed’ in our style.

There will be a white, gray and black version of the t-shirt available, so feel free to choose the color you prefer. Or, better yet, why not order one of each! This way, you will do three times as much to help Paul. The price of this beautiful shirt, shipping included, is 44 Euros. All t-shirts will ship in September 2022. The exact date will be announced soon!” Pre-orders can be placed now here.

After seven years in a wheelchair and a difficult condition that could have resulted in the loss of his leg, Paul Di’Anno found salvation in Croatia. Since the end of November 2021, Paul has been undergoing treatment in Croatia, where he took his first steps in May after a series of lymphatic drainage treatments and daily physiotherapy. The complicated and long-lasting treatment was initiated by fans and friends who raised significant funds to restore his new life.

On May 22, when Iron Maiden kicked off their 2022 Legacy Of The Beast World Tour in Zagreb, Croatia, bassist Steve Harris and Di’Anno reunited for the first time in years. A video was released with Di’Anno meeting Harris and band manager Rod Smallwood. Di’Anno sang on Iron Maiden’s first two legendary albums, Iron Maiden and Killers. Di’Anno has spent the past few months in the Croatian capital receiving lymphatic drainage treatment ahead of an upcoming knee operation.

A guest on The Metal Voice, Di’Anno recounted the encounter with Harris and Smallwood, calling it “quite emotional”. Check out the interview below.

Di’Anno: “It was great because first I met Steve’s sister, Linda, who I hadn’t seen in about 30 years. And then…Steve was amazing, then Rod too , it’s been my whole year , actually. It was fantastic. It was pretty awesome. It was pretty emotional. If this had been the first time we’d spoken together in 30 years, it might have been a bit weirder. But, like I said, we talk about football and stuff like that, and Steve has called me a couple of times from (his home) in the Bahamas.”