Instant loan despite negative Credit bureau and Social Welfare.

Despite falling unemployment figures, there are a huge number of people in Germany who are dependent on state subsidies or even full care and are therefore known with the infamous name “Social Welfare”.

Since Credit bureau keeps the relevant data for a period of three calendar years even after this condition has ended, the number of people affected continues to rise. Nevertheless, there are also legal opportunities to obtain an instant loan despite negative Credit bureau and Social Welfare.

Private loans:

Private loans:

Unfortunately there are many black sheep in the area of ​​private moneylenders. Therefore, companies that advertise in the newspaper should be advised against, as unpleasant surprises can occur. However, most people with an intact family and an intact social life can also borrow money with friends and acquaintances.

Although this costs overcoming and is certainly associated with the fact that you actually have to answer unpleasant questions, it is the quickest and usually cheapest way to get a smaller loan immediately.



An instant loan despite negative Credit bureau and Social Welfare can be realized at a bank through a guarantor. The guarantor guarantees with his or her perfect creditworthiness for the proper repayment of the loan, so that no questions are asked about the actual borrower.

Such guarantors are also preferred among friends and acquaintances; it is strongly advised against people who offer services on the Internet that have to do with providing guarantees for strangers. 



Even people who purchase Social Welfare often have valuables. These can be deposited with a pawnbroker as security for the value of the items, whereupon an immediate loan is granted to a certain extent despite negative Credit bureau and Social Welfare.

Such pawnbrokers are often of a governmental nature, so that a real value is estimated and, less usual loan interest, is paid out in cash. If the deposit is not released within a certain period of time, it expires and is put up for sale or auctioned by the pawnbroker.

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