Home Art sale Imperial Art offers for sale an NFT collection of physical objects that belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte

Imperial Art offers for sale an NFT collection of physical objects that belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte


Imperial Art is hosting the very first auction of NFTs related to physical personal property belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte. This unique auction is organized on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon I, as well as the 216th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz and the 217th anniversary of the Emperor’s coronation.

Imperial Art, the international market leader in works of art from the period of the First French Empire, launches the first physical and digital auction, using NFT technology. Five historical objects will be sold online through an NFT sale. The unique selection will be offered for sale via the digital platform OpenSea.

(Photo: Havas Group)

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This unique auction organized by Imperial Arts will include the following items:

  • Cane of Napoleon of Saint Helena, a unique recording of the Emperor’s last resting place on Saint Helena. Carved from whalebone by a Chinese craftsman in Saint Helena, the cane has a detachable pommel that allowed the emperor to point his armies on a map;
  • A gold snuffbox that belonged to Napoleon I, in perfect condition and signed by Jean-Baptiste Isabey, the greatest miniature portrait painter of the Empire period. Such objects are extremely rare, the only similar artefacts to be found in the Palace of Versailles or the Museum of Fontainebleau;
  • Handwritten letter from Napoleon I to General Count Bertrand, his Grand Marshal of the Palace, who faithfully followed Napoleon into exile;
  • An imperial bust of Napoleon I, an official representation of the Emperor from the Empire period, in cast iron attributed to Vivant Denon.
  • A miniature portrait of Napoleon I, an ivory painting in a bronze case, representing Napoleon in the uniform of a colonel of the Garde chasseurs à cheval, after the painting by Robert Lefèvre.
Napoleon Bonaparte

(Photo: Havas Group)

All the details of these unusual objects will be available on the sales site: napoleon.ovr.arteia.com

This sale is a milestone: it is the first sale of historical objects certified by an NFT, a tamper-proof digital certificate of ownership. For this sale, Imperial Art is using Arteïa’s physical object authentication solution.

An NFC chip, programmed by Arteïa and securely linked to the object and / or to the paper certificate of authenticity provided by the gallery, allows the object to be linked to its digital duplicate, recorded in a secure database on the blockchain. It is thus finally possible to sell the physical object via NFT.

Tarik Bougherira, founder of the Imperial Art Gallery, said: “We are extremely proud to launch this ambitious and unique project in the art market, especially on such a special date as a three-year anniversary. Imperial Arts is now taking a big step forward for what I believe will be our market in the future. I also hope that through this operation, we will be able to bring the passion for collecting art to a new type of audience “.

The operation is supported by Hashtag Avocats, Havas Sovereign Technologies and Arteïa.

We are proud to support such a historic operation. First of all because of the exceptional objects offered for sale, but also because of the Arteïa technology used. Thanks to a secure NFC chip system, each object will itself be equipped with a digital clone that will allow it to be sold via NFT. Thus, the buyer of the TVN can recover his physical object. This solution makes it possible to revive Napoleonic history in the era of the metaverse “, explains Philippe Gellman, CEO of Arteïa.

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