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“I want to fall in love” – ​​NoHo Arts District

A NoHo Arts theatrical review of Shelley Cooper’s “I Wanna Be in Love”.

A NoHo Arts theater review of “I Wanna Fall In Love,” written and performed by Shelley Cooper, music and lyrics by Alexander Sage Oyen, directed by Heather Dowling and produced by Jessica Lynn Johnson at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival .

I remember being absolutely blown away by Shelley Cooper’s previous Hollywood Fringe show, “La Divina,” which won multiple awards…rightly so. This new show is very different. “LA Divina” was Maria Callas, the music of this show is modern. While Shelley has done an incredible job of literally channeling Maria Callas, “I Wanna Fall In Love” is now her voice. And she owns it entirely.

This piece is his love story. First love, deep love, losing love, deciding “do I even need love?” And, finally, to conclude that yes, yes, she needs it. So, that’s the premise, and as the world of Shelley Cooper unfolds on stage, we’re hooked.

The songs are quite spectacular, written by the amazing Alexander Sage Oyen, and Shelley is a truly amazing singer. so I found myself falling completely into the songs, deeply.

A NoHo Arts theater review by Shelley Cooper "I want to be in love."

Her voice is compelling and relatable and so full of emotion and texture. But she’s also absolutely hilarious and a very accomplished performer and so she deftly manages the spirit of the story, bouncing between falling in love, being in it, and letting go. However, she’s so hopeful that you know she’ll find him, and when she does, it’ll knock her socks off!

I love how this story lifts you up. Shelley Cooper is a strong, beautiful and incredibly powerful presence. She owns the stage and her choice to do this piece about herself and her own love story shows us what a wonderful communicator she is.

It is open, like a book. Nothing comes between her and the audience and she has that rare ability to create instant intimacy. Totally fascinating and truthful and raw. What love should be, right?

“I Wanna Fall in Love” still has a few dates left, so there’s no excuse, don’t miss it!!!


Saturday June 11 at 3:30 p.m.

Saturday June 25, 2022, 6:30 p.m.


Asylum @ Studio Theater Stephanie Feury

5636 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038