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Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Hid A Harry Potter Diagon Alley Secret


The Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer apparently showed a secret Harry Potter Diagon Alley that was originally illustrated but never featured in the movies.

In the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, a Harry Potter The secret of Diagon Alley lurks in plain sight, originally illustrated by JK Rowling. Hogwarts LegacyPC release platforms don’t seem to be finalized yet, but there’s a lot of information out about the title, and Avalanche Software could use Rowling’s original creation as inspiration for something new.

Since the initial release of Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer on September 16, 2020, the footage has been thoroughly analyzed and broken down. One part, in particular, didn’t get as much mainstream discussion as other parts, mostly because it only aired for three seconds. Halfway through the trailer, a magical stone wall with bricks lined up in a circle opens up, but what’s inside is unknown. Magic opening walls are a must in the Harry Potter universe, but this one corresponds identically to an original illustration by Rowling and a specific location. Hogwarts Legacy characters can break certain magic rules, but this door seems to follow its original purpose.

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As seen in the trailer, this magical stone wall with a circular opening matches Rowling’s original Diagon Alley gate behind the Leaky Cauldron. As noted by Gcleavs on a Reddit page, the door is identical to the author’s original illustration, which is not quite the same as seen in the Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone movie (2001). Although this information is not officially confirmed, it seems that there is a good chance that an authentic Diagon Alley is in Hogwarts Legacy at launch – but even if it’s not, this art detail shows just how much inspiration the team can draw from the franchise as a whole to create Hogwarts Legacy.

The Hogwarts Legacy Stone Wall matches Rowling’s Diagon Alley illustration

Hogwarts Legacy Rowling Diagon Alley Drawling

When writing Harry Potter, JK Rowling drew many parts of the universe she imagined it to be. Avalanche Software has been upfront about keeping its game distinct, which is why Hogwarts Legacy the common rooms of the house are different, but this translates to many other areas of the game as well. User Alistair Sowerbutts reposted a 2001 Omnibus interview with Rowling on YouTube; she shows an illustration of the famous Diagon Alley door there, but it is different from the one in the movies because she did not find it before the scene was filmed. Nevertheless, Hogwarts Legacy looks like he’s drawing inspiration from his original design of the Diagon Alley gate for the game.

Some community members thought that Diagon Alley did not add to Hogwarts Legacy as there was no overt indication of gameplay released so far. While that’s still a possibility, and there’s no way to fully confirm that little three-second segment in the trailer, it’s definitely a possibility given the near-identical similarities. As the 2022 holiday release nears, more details about the game will be revealed, like Harry Potter spells in Hogwarts Legacy and the issue of Diagon Alley.

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Source: Gcleavs/Reddit, YouTube/Alistair Sowerbutts/YouTube

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