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Ground Zero Blues Club Hosts First “Art in the Alley” Event


BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – On Saturday, the Ground Zero Blues Club hosted its first “Art in the Alley” event in Biloxi.

About forty vendors set up inside and outside the club. Operations Manager and VIP Daniel Givens said it was a way for them to showcase some of the local artists and also showcase the club’s new floor.

“Biloxi is known for its casinos and many events are held in Ocean Springs, Bay St. Louis and Long Beach. I just want to bring more attention to the neighborhood with all the generations they’re doing here downtown,” Givens said.

Painters, food vendors and boutiques were among the kiosks selling their wares. Jennifer Sandmann was there to support her business owner friends. She said it’s important to support local artists.

“It brings people together. It brings joy. He inspires other artists. If you’re an artist, you see other things going on. It inspires kids to be artists and to be creative,” Sandmann said.

One of these artists was Keith Douglas, also known as Cartoon man. He came from Louisiana to present his works of art.

“It’s a habit now. I drew every day except maybe 14 days. So one day I woke up around 11:30 p.m. and drew a circle and went back to sleep. I wasn’t going to let 14 days pass,” Douglas said.

Givens hopes to be able to organize this event at least once a month.

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