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GenZ artist Enli Yu cooperated with ATELIER BEAUTE CHANEL in New York and created a new Times trend


Theirsverse’s “Generation Z” artist Yu Enli recently participated in multi-cooperation activities in person at the ATELIER BEAUTE CHANEL store in New York City. He created a unique artistic trend, integrating art and painting with beauty and fashion, breaking boundaries, and integrating Web2 and Web3. He regards makeup as a form of artistic expression and introduces people to his strong sense of trend, diversity and new-era fashion look through his artistic journey by breaking the fourth wall.

Compared to other public figures, Enli hopes to express herself and prove herself with her own art. At the age of 9, his work was exhibited at the “Young GEISAI (TAIWAN) 2011” organized by Murakami Takashi in Asia. With the attempts and ambition of the next generation, Enli tries to create art through fine art, video, sound, body, etc. and uses these media to freely assemble and disassemble.

During ATELIER BEAUTE CHANEL beauty workshop activities, we watched the introduction of Theirsverse movie created by Enli and were impressed by the work and culture created by this “Generation Z” artist with great sense artistic and great creativity, which is characterized by a great appreciation value, collection value and personality of young people.

The highly anticipated interactive activity is the make-up design performed by the make-up artists of the ATELIER BEAUTE CHANEL and Enli workshop. They recreate the makeup of Enli’s works on real people and break the fourth wall accordingly.

Next, Enli, the young artist, talked about his pursuit and exploration of art and let everyone see that he hopes to create a brand new artistic space in his own way, which he is in the process of do right now. It breaks down the barriers between virtual space and real space. It integrates them so that the imagination of the young population, group co-creation, more cultural media and other content will prevail indefinitely in the future.

“I think makeup is a form (of expression) and it’s a relatively new art.” – Enli

For Enli, fashion is the expression of an emotion and clothes have no gender. Clothes are just clothes and they cannot define a person. Makeup is also a new art form, which is drawing on the face and giving everyone the right to explore more possibilities of their facial features.

At the scene, while Enli and three makeup artists recreated the makeup, Enli’s mother, well-known artist Annie Yi, also came to the scene as a “reviewer” to evaluate the makeup. Known as the “leader of beauty”, Annie Yi explained and commented on the creation of different makeups at the scene. Besides makeup, Annie Yi said that she recently learned and understood a lot of knowledge in multicultural fields, hoping to make progress with her son and help Enli show off her artistic creation and talents better.

In this cooperative interaction between Enli and the ATELIER BEAUTE CHANEL atelier, we saw the creativity of the younger generation of artists and understood that art is not just a one-sided expression. If we can understand that makeup is an art form and separate the art of makeup from social judgments and limitations, then we can truly enjoy the fun of makeup.

As Art Director of Theirsverse, Enli will work with young artists in the future building of Theirsverse to create a multicultural community owned by Gen Z artists, young people to create meaningful value.

About Theirsverse:

Theirsverse is a diverse, trendy and artistic new Web3 brand. Created by a group of young artists from different races and gender identities.

Theirsverse is a web3 brand that has a large business network in the entertainment industry. Our track record spans music labels, film production, fashionable toys, virtual singers, and the social metaverse. Our vision is to create a diverse community for the younger generation by integrating trends, entertainment, art and technology. We also hope that every member can find a sense of belonging and create a new identity in Theirsverse.

Theirsverse invites global holders to build brands together and has also created a fund for young artists, which will help more talented young artists and generate a new Web3 ecosystem. Their verse is an invitation to unlock your creative future!

To learn more, please visit https://theirsverse.com/

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