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Free Security Vulnerability DLC Announced With Cryptic Artwork


A free DLC update for FNAF: Security Breach has been announced – and it appears to feature a new character exploring an abandoned Pizzaplex.

A free DLC update for FNAF: security breach was announced with a cryptic teaser image hinting at what lies ahead. Developer Steel Wool Studios has first announced plans for FNAF: security breach DLC last year, suggesting the Halloween-themed Dreadbear might make an appearance.

As the last entry in the Five nights at Freddy’s series, Security Breach understandably garnered a huge amount of attention upon release, especially thanks to its AAA-like makeover and new stealth gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be riddled with bugs that often made it incredibly frustrating to play. Thankfully, subsequent patches have helped resolve these issues, leaving the community puzzled over the game’s various endings and the implications for the franchise’s larger lore. Several questions have been left unanswered by the many endings of FNAF: Security Breach, leaving high hopes for future DLC to provide answers.


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The first teaser image for the new FNAF: security breach DLC, titled Ruinhas now been revealed by Steel Wool Studios. Released for free in 2023, fans still have a little while to wait before returning to the Pizzaplex in the game’s first DLC, though the image is filled with details that hint at various plot points that will undoubtedly elicit. doubt a flurry of theories and debates from the community in the meantime. Most important is what could be a new player character: a young girl exploring what appears to be the lobby of the Mega Pizzaplex, in a state of severe disrepair. It seems that the Pizzaplex was abandoned following the events of security breach, with the Glamrock Freddy statue now lying in pieces and rubble visible in the corners of the image. A badly damaged Glamrock animatronic stands to one side, implying that FNAFThe popular Chica de can play an important role in the story of the DLC.

Another perhaps important detail in the FNAF: security breach The DLC reveal is a collection of screens displaying images of Gregory, alongside a cry for help. This seems to suggest that the story of Ruin will involve players attempting to rescue Gregory from the Pizzaplex, though this is yet to be confirmed. Another curious detail worth noting is a pair of glowing eyes, which can be seen in the upper right corner, staring down at the scene below. Red eyes could indicate that one of the many characters is a major threat in the new DLC, including the daycare worker and FNAF: security breachVanny potentially brainwashed, whose fate follows the true end of Security Breach remains unknown. Either way, the positioning suggests there will be a larger-reaching villain operating in the shadows over the course of Ruin.

The DLC expansion for FNAF: security breach fans will no doubt be excited to see what’s to come for the show’s lore. Whereas RuinThe release of is still some time away, the teaser indicates that a very interesting narrative is on the way. With the apparent focus on Gregory, there may be some insight into the validity of the popular theory that he is secretly an animatronic himself. In addition, the origins of the new female character who takes center stage will no doubt also be at the heart of many discussions. There may even finally be an answer to what’s behind locked level 10 FNAF: security breach security doors. In any case, the long-awaited DLC for FNAF: security breach is finally on the horizon.

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Source: Steel Wool Studios/Twitter

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