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Former Video Store Worker Quentin Tarantino Launches His Own Podcast About VHS Tapes


Quentin Tarantino loves movies. He loves directing them and has nine impressive films to his name spanning three decades to prove it. He so loves dropping references, nods, and nods to other films in his films, as anyone who’s ever seen even one already knows. Sometimes, as in Inglourious Basterds and Once upon a time in Hollywood, he builds the business of making films or screening them – or both – in his storylines as well. He’ll talk about it at length, too, and he’s turned his last film into a book that spends a lot of time delving into the history of film and television. So naturally, he’s about to do what every movie buff seems to do at some point. Yes, he does a podcast about movies.

As he sat on reservoir dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight filmmaker behind a microphone and just letting him speak lyrically about film would have drawn listeners in anyway, Tarantino’s new podcast has a specific angle. Famous, he was once a clerk in a video store – so he immerses himself in that time. That’s why you will listen The Video Archive Podcastwhich is named after the California store Tarantino worked at in the 80s. And, true to that concept, he’ll discuss the movies he watches on the old store’s VHS tapes.

Because Tarantino is Tarantino, he acquired the joint’s tapes in 1995 and also rebuilt the Video Archives store at his home. Now alongside her co-host Roger Avary – who also worked at The Video Archives, where the pair met; also became a director, making Kill Zoe and The rules of attraction among other films; and collaborated on the Oscar pulp Fiction scenario – he’ll pull out tapes from his own shelves, watch them and start chatting.

As shown in the podcast trailer, the couple will discuss films such as John Carpenter Black Star, Obligation film moonrakermexican supernatural movie Demonoid: messenger of death and horror comedy piranha — aka titles they recommended and praised all those years ago. They’ll be joined by announcer Gala Avary, Roger’s daughter, and also “expose listeners to movies they didn’t know they’d like, reward their favorites, and rate the quality of the video transfer,” according to the podcast announcement. .

The Video Archive Podcast is set to begin airing episodes on Tuesday, July 19 and will arrive via SiriusXM’s Stitcher. And yes, of course, Tarantino already has something to say about it.

“We never imagined that 30 years after working together behind the video archive counter, we’d be together again doing exactly the same thing we did back then: passionately talking about movies on VHS,” they said. Tarantino and Avary in a joint statement.

“Watching movies originally brought us together and made us friends, and it’s our love of cinema that still brings us together today. -we have returned to the golden age of VHS. We LOVE discussing movies and we want to welcome you to The Video Archive Podcast to hang out with us and the Archives New Employee Gala, and discover the hidden VHS gems on our shelves.”

For more information on The Video Archives Podcast, which will begin streaming episodes beginning Tuesday, July 19, head over to Stitcher.

Top image: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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Sarah Ward