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If you are used to organizing company income and expenses in Excel spreadsheets, it is interesting to know that there are much simpler and more practical, and safer ways.

By betting on the routine use of financial management applications, for example, you gain more mobility and agility in the financial management process, freeing up time to devote to other equally important areas for business success.

Listed below are applications and managers that enable you to keep your business finances up to date, always organized. Control company numbers from your computer or smartphone! Follow and know its main features:



Available for iOS and Android, ZeroPaper is one of the most widely used managers for small and medium business managers. Among its main features, which are presented in a totally simple and intuitive interface, it is worth mentioning the possibility of attaching payment receipts to suppliers. This makes the process of reconciling launches much easier.

Protected by SSL encryption, financial data can be accessed from both the web version and mobile devices. Entering information is also very simple and allows synchronization with bank accounts.

My Savings


While offering financial control, Minhas Economias also provides links that promote financial education.

It is possible to analyze and track not only the amount available, but also how much has been spent and the next amount to be credited to the account, a great way to get organized and not miss any past or future postings.

My Savings is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide

Available for Android and iOS, Pocket Guide is a 100% automatic financial manager with one big advantage: without the need for bank passwords, just a view password, you sync your bank account and have real-time access to everyone. the debit and credit postings.

Despite being automatic, the application is highly customizable: it is possible to modify categories and create labels that facilitate the organization. Another interesting tool is the ability to create goals in each category. By tracking the data, you can identify the excess expenses that need to be reduced.

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