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Fashion and art collide at BONIA’s new flagship store, Suria KLCC


Located on the ground floor of Suria KLCC, BONIA’s new flagship store transports you to a gallery space, where its products are works of art.

BONIA launches its latest flagship store with one goal: to inspire self-expression and exploration, through art and aesthetic objects. Nestled on the ground floor of Suria KLCC in the heart of the city, the store spans 2,211 square feet and was designed exclusively by London-based interior designer Oskar Kohnen, also founder of Oskar Kohnen Studio. .

“We are beyond thrilled to have worked with Oskar Kohnen on our new flagship store concept,” said Jonathan Liang, Creative Director at BONIA Group. “We wanted someone who understood our vision for the brand and could mix art and fashion in a progressive and curious experiential space, which Oskar does perfectly. This store challenges the way people perceive BONIA as a lifestyle and luxury brand.

With a vision rooted in craftsmanship and individuality, the concept of the store reflects the space of a museum or art gallery, where beautiful objects of desire are presented, with the aim of immersing and to creatively inspire every visitor to the world of BONIA. From the brand’s latest handbags and accessories to its lifestyle and tableware offerings, you’ll find it all arranged with an elegance unlike any retail experience.

“The space is meant to be a playground, not a predetermined showroom,” says Oskar Kohnen. “I wanted it to be a big, gallery-like space that changes the way you look at fashion.”

As you enter BONIA’s new flagship store, you will find that materials and interior finishes include gray terrazzo flooring, with black and green marble, terracotta cinder block bricks and a Barrisol ceiling, all created in collaboration with local artisans. The highlight of the store is its mint green abstract staircase, which showcases BONIA’s journey from humble beginnings to the evergreen heritage brand it is today.

“Our flagship store is a reflection of our brand identity which combines heritage and immersive experiences,” said Dato’ Sri Daniel Chiang, Executive Director of BONIA Group. “As a visionary label, we wanted an experiential store that deeply engages our customers in the design beliefs that BONIA stands for.”

The new BONIA flagship store is located on the ground floor of Suria KLCC. For more information on BONIA, visit its official website.