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Each work has a different story to tell: Laxma Goud


By Sukant Deepak

New Delhi, May 24 (SocialNews.XYZ) He always wanted to have an exhibition where only his black and white paintings were displayed. “It can give a very different experience to viewers of art. Many people think that without colors, art looks or feels incomplete. Through this exhibition, I wanted to change that perception. Whereas colors are important when it comes to art, there are other aspects that make a work of art stand out such as technique, details etc,” the award-winning artist told IANS Padma Shri, K. Laxma Goud.

A master artist who has deeply explored eroticism in his art while placing it in the normal and the rustic, he is also an engraver and has received several distinctions, including the Prafulla Dahanukar Lifetime Achievement Award.

With ‘Drawings and Intaglios by K Laxma Goud’ (Curatorial Advisor, Nanak Ganguly), it is after 11 years that Laxma Goud exhibits at Delhi NCR with the Splash Gallery (until June 7). About 125 of his works are on display, including drawings, intaglios and prints.

Speaking about the current exhibition, he says “Drawing has become an enduring tool in my creative pursuit, a singular line has countless shades realizing my imagination. Drawing alone led me to a fertile imagination, and drawing is the source of my metamorphosis.”

Adding that the element of his drawing is not confined to a singularity in his artistic practices; but allowed him to be very versatile, Goud says that for him drawing is like a magic wand. “This very passion gave me the strength to hold a sharp metal tool to make an etching line on a metal plate, while simultaneously drawing on paper. These decades of practice have made me face difficulties in finding a place for me and my work. As an individual, I have not compromised with the value judgments of the outside world. I am passionately committed to my drawing and do intaglio prints every day” , he said.

Although he works with several mediums, it is engraving that remains his favorite. And when it comes to themes and choosing the medium to convey, he says, “I don’t plan a particular theme or medium in advance, as the work progresses, anything that seems right or appropriate is what I do. I think every piece of art has a different story to tell.”

Lamenting the decline of state art institutions over the years, Goud believes it’s important that every state can boast about it.

Emphasizing that they open new doors to emerging artists, the artist believes that it is time for the government to start allocating more funds to the arts and their promotion. “Small initiatives will help bring about a whole new world for many artists and art lovers. If we want to see major change, we have to be the cause of that change. In addition, parents must encourage their children to take art seriously if they show interest.”

Goud, who studied mural painting under the legendary KG Subramanyan, is currently focusing on intaglios and his prints to gain recognition as a major medium in art.

The artist, who doesn’t really work with a plan in advance, feels that the media tends to ignore art in general. “With the kind of power he has over people, he can be instrumental in promoting the arts. Also, if we as Indians don’t respect Indian art, how can we expect other countries to do it?” he concludes.

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Source: IANS

Each work has a different story to tell: Laxma Goud

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