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Donelson’s art store gives teachers back a shopping spree


DONELSON, Tennessee (WTVF) – An art store in Donelson that receives a lot of business from teachers offered them a shopping spree on Monday.

At Smart Art + Craft Supplies, teachers paid just $ 20 to fill a basket with anything they could find.

“We do this to give back to teachers. I mean teachers are big buyers all year round at Smart, so if we can use a few days out of the year to give back and give them exclusively for shopping, we’re happy to. do it, “said Kyle Graden, senior director of operations.

Hopkinsville middle school teacher Karen Graves does her shopping at the store once a month. The store already sells art supplies at a discount.

Like many teachers, Graves’ classroom supplies are slipping out of his pocket.

“I’m probably averaging around $ 1,500, but I’ve also spent up to $ 5,000 a year on kids who have nothing and we have to help them,” Graves said.

The art store offers work and coaches mentally disabled adults.

“You know it’s mutually beneficial for their class and their students as well as the people we support at Smart, so it’s kind of a win-win that way,” Graden said.

Seeing Smart’s mission in practice is one reason Graves enjoys shopping at the store even when there are no sales.

“It means everything to me. I also teach fast kids and for me the opportunity that they give these people is just amazing,” said Graves.