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David Lee Roth shares the illustration of “Global Storming”


Since April 2020, VAN HALEN singer David lee roth spent much of his time creating COVID-themed designs – he calls them comics – and then sharing the finished works on his social media. His latest work, which he calls “Global Storming”, can be found below.

According to a New York Times Profile from last summer, Roth picked up pen and ink during his coronavirus lockdown, but he had long been interested in art.

“My approach is the best of both worlds: vintage and hyper-atomic digital,” he said. “Kind of like watching ‘Dredge’ on your iPad.

“You know, I moved to Japan for over two years to study sumi-e and calligraphy, and four nights a week I worked out and then I did my homework. Lord, I have spent thousands of hours learning how to use a horsehair brush with an ink pad that I grind myself and that has not changed for 700 years.

“So everything in the comics is drawn by hand – all of the typeface, all of the colors, the linework, the lighting,” he explained. “And once I’m done, I work with Colin Smith, the Led Zeppelin of Adobe photoshop. Together we digitize everything, then I am able to access areas that otherwise weren’t available graphically without decades of effort. “

it is not the first time Roth shared some of his visual art with the audience. Back in 2009, Roth published dozens of his own drawings and illustrations, which he called at the time “genuine originals and incompetent imitations”. He offered them as “an official answer to the question ‘what do you do with your free time?'”

According to Van Halen Press Office, the VAN HALEN the leader has always been in the art. Throughout his life, when touring the world, you could find him doodling on just about anything – setlists, tour riders, female body parts, etc. He has always been an important part of the visual side of VAN HALEN, and always tried to make the show “look like the sounds of music”. He designed stage clothes, orchestrated photoshoots, imagined the stage choreography, etc. He was also involved in the design VAN HALENfirst tourbooks and some of their t-shirts.

In March 2020, Roth has postponed the last six shows from his residence in Las Vegas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Roth played as the opening act of the February / March 2020 North American part of TO KISS‘s “End of the road” farewell tour.

VAN HALEN guitarist Eddie Van Halen died of cancer in October at the age of 65.

Roth, who played with VAN HALEN last time in 2015, tweeted shortly after Eddiethe death of: “What a long and beautiful journey it has been.”

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