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Custom ‘Brooklyn Zoo’ Sneakers Made Famous By Jay-Z Are Finally Up For Auction


Now the artist is revealing the original artistic proof of the sneaker – the model and prototype by which the other 10 were created. This coveted sneaker will be auctioned on June 21st on https://clubrare.xyz, as an NFT-backed item with exclusive metaverse compatibility. This will be the only pair of Brooklyn Zoo sneakers to have Web3 functionality.

Relevant Customs is a cohort of sneaker designer artists using incredibly exotic materials. Their elite list of famous clients and brands includes Jay-Z, Beyonce, james lebronP. Diddy, Wu-Tang, Jägermeister, Arizona Iced Tea and Anheuser-Busch.

ClubRare is a web3 startup that innovates real-world logistics and shipping for NFT-backed collectibles. The bespoke pair of sneakers will be auctioned on the ClubRare Marketplace and on physical display at NFT.NYC, June 21-23.

As a platinum sponsor of the NFT.NYC conference, ClubRare will engage the community and showcase its innovative “phygital NFT” solutions to solve real-world shipping issues for NFT-backed collectibles. The CEO, Paul Chungwill give a conference on the future of e-commerce on the blockchain.

Sneaker collectors and NFT enthusiasts will see the sneaker on display in New York on June 21stand start bidding for the item on ClubRare Marketplace.

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