Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Hot Sale and Amazon Prime Day, are anglicisms that share the same category: they are offers when shopping online. This is an activity that has gradually modified the traditional way of acquisition in consumers.

Currently, all products can be purchased through this channel, as different platforms adapt to lifestyles. Some Colombian businesses such as Marquero provide essential products, for example, Paffi makes homes, Clothes Republic purchases clothes and technology and Pancks makes loans online.


Internet loans to buy what you need

Internet loans to buy what you need

During 2017, a record of sales of 5,000 million dollars in 24 hours in the United States was calculated, this represented an increase of 16.9% in dollars spent online compared to the holiday in 2016, according to Adobe Digital statistics Insights, an entity that tracks 80% of online spending on the top 100 retail websites in North America.

Colombia is not far behind, since the figures of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) indicate that the country has increased the use of this type of Internet purchases thanks to more than 87 million transactions were made and evaluated in $ 51.2 billion pesos during 2017.

In turn, Cyber ​​Monday was famous in different regions of the country, Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla led the list of purchases this 2018 with 1.2 million visits to the site represented in 90.36% more than cyberlunes of the previous year. This indicates that Colombians are migrating to these types of purchases in categories such as technology with 18%, fashion with 16%, trips with 15%, cell phones and tablets with 13%, home with 8% among others.


Is it safe to buy online?

Is it safe to buy online?

These types of purchases have multiple benefits. However, the arrival of the requested products may take time and becomes a disadvantage for this alternative. For this, there are solutions such as the free investment online credits offered by Pancks; that at the fifteen minute range it responds to your loan application to expedite and facilitate users’ purchasing decisions.

Additionally, Amazon, a global Internet sales giant that is headquartered in the United States, recently announced its arrival in the national territory during the month of July, with the sale of gadgets, kitchen products or decoration. It also projects short-term goals to have innovation and service offerings.

These figures reveal confidence and security in these types of transactions. However, it is important to clarify that in online purchases there are risks as well as face-to-face ones for multiple circumstances. One of them is that the delivery time and product quality are not as expected and there are problems related to the type of payment.

At this point, online shopping can become a headache since there are security flaws. Therefore, when buying online it is important to have a good antivirus in the first place, it is also advisable to visit trusted pages, make use of intuition regarding offers from other countries and constantly change the password.

Additionally, for pioneer brands in the e-commerce business, it is important to choose name portals that allow for successful progress in the purchase process. In the case of MercadoPago de Clothes Republic, it is possible to return 100% of the purchase in case of not receiving the product purchased with the agreed conditions.


It is also important that when buying on the Internet

It is also important that when buying on the Internet

The opinions of other consumers who have previously purchased the services are visualized to make a better decision. On the Internet it is possible to find comments and ratings to facilitate the decision of what to buy, who to do it with and under what conditions. You can even decide whether to buy from physical stores, from users or directly from brands that open commercial windows within an electronic commerce platform.

Finally, Financialsave is an alternative that benefits from this type of purchase with promotions of 60% in different sectors, valid during this week. Regardless of the nature of the business, it is possible to make a loan application with Pancks and make purchases directly from the portals.

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