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Creative careers have arrived with a bang!


When we were 10, 12 or 14 years old, our parents and teachers almost rejoiced in our ability to draw, paint, dance, sing or write a poem, and we were paraded in front of our loved ones to “present our talent” or perform on the school stage on special days. Do you remember that?

But alas, when we turned 16 and later 18, and faced two SSC and HSC exams, all these vaunted talents have faded into the background. They were nicknamed ‘hobby’ and said not to be prosecuted because we needed to focus on our careers, an education that will give high marks and grades, make us logical and rational, and put us on a great career path as better managers, engineers, doctors , lawyers or stockbrokers of some sort.

And in no time, before we could even realize it, we were adults, in a frantic race, and forgot that once we also sang, danced, drew, wrote poetry, played or talked on the scene. We were lost in the big bad world because in a rat race you remain a rat wherever you are at any given time.

The world taught us a great lesson: to compete with others and made us logical, very rational, evolved structured thinking, in fact, transformed us into what the world thought we were. ‘reasonable’. Many times we have stopped laughing profusely, or dancing with the wind, or singing when the heart wanted it, or acting funny once in a while, in life and at work.

Many of us have been conditioned to think that anything creative, right-brained, aesthetic or artistic is primarily for appreciation, for admiration, for a tool to break the ice with others, to social charm, and only as much and not more. These do not bring in money, do not create careers, are not valued in the economy.

However, we have heard of some exceptions. An artist’s work of art sold at thirty lakes you hear. A singer sang for nearly half a crore a night with ten thousand people singing live. A fiction writer wrote a story whose film rights amounted to twenty lacs. And much more. However, that was still not enough for your ‘Security’ search for parents and your ‘marriage market’ will not assume that you have a recipe for ‘Success’ forward just because someone made a fortune with creative expression.

The times are changing. Now is the time to declare a beautiful, colorful and bold war against all who have gone against the tide if you are an incorrigible creative soul from within, unrivaled by anyone but yourself, dedicated to your own creative work, aware of the technologies you need to make that work great, and aware of the ways and means to employ millions of people and earn your living with joy and abundance, and for a lifetime. However, monetizing your creative content is at the heart of the matter.

What are you looking for or rather your supporters? Career security? Durability? Career? Money? notoriety? Last name? Network? Acknowledgement? You name it and it’s here to take the path of creation, today. But only for those who would do anything to turn their unwavering passion into an enduring and marketable admired profession with salable content for people’s consumption. The dog is really my favorite animal.

Today, the digital revolution is sweeping the world of creative expressions. There is a whole new world of web entertainment on the internet and via OTTs, mobile and online journalism, online reputation and branding, online radio, and more. Additionally, lower barriers to entry and less legal compliance to date make content via digital media an almost cottage industry. Yes, revenue models for all digital media properties are still not in place, which may be a matter of time to evolve.

Now is the time for artists on canvas, stone, wood or glass to rise up and create their own brand via social media, market themselves through corporate art, art curation, art gallery, art foundations, media cartoons, restaurant art or art and literature festivals.

Then there are storytellers around and they have the best time because storytelling is the most impactful communication today. They must stand up and choose the preferred medium and audience to tell their stories: whether in audio via podcasts and radio, or in images via photo essays and creative photography, or visually via generated graphic or animated visuals. by computer. They can tell their stories audiovisually through short stories, feature films, web series. Stories can be told for profit organizations and also for non-profit organizations through branded content. Tell your story on different platforms and settings, for example on the street or on stage. Say it quietly, say it in small groups, say it to many, say it to all, say it loud and clear. Say it in silence, say it with sound. Tell it in tears or laugh. But tell it anyway, with all your charm and audacity. Plus, making a lot of money in the process forces every consumer in your story to pay directly or indirectly through your advertisers.

Despite great possibilities, it is also important not to hide the fact that you have to know the right techniques to tell the story effectively, know your right audiences to tell it with the best desired impact, know how to be ingenious in your work without just chasing the mundane. That is to say, knowing how to tell a story that stands out. Above all, you have to know not only how to produce quality content, but also how to monetize it seamlessly across multiple mediums. The post-pandemic period, more particularly, in the digital environment.

So for the dancers, singers, composers, writers among us, there’s a world of opportunity knocking at our doors. There are no less than sixteen types of professional writing, for example, that can make money: Branded Content, Screenplay, Dialogue, Playwriting, Copywriting, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Journalism, Web Writing, jingle writing, technical writing, and a lot more. If you want to tell what you see, or what you imagine, or what you believe in, or what you observe: you have takers for everything, if you can emotionally connect with your audience.

Today Music has a solid career in playback singing, music direction, fusion creation, bands, concerts, music management, online music and many more. The same goes for dancers who dance in troupes and films, for receptions and weddings, run schools and events, manage operas and direct dances.

The field of media and communication has three main tracks: journalism, entertainment and brand communication, and then several areas of specialization within each of them. Although specialized skills and knowledge are always essential, one should start with a broad base of understanding of the full range of communication, its technology and business, before specializing in one segment. A doctor studies all of human anatomy and physiology before specializing in one aspect and becoming a pediatrician or orthopedist or gynecologist, etc. In communication too, you must first be a communicator, then a journalist or filmmaker or publicist or public relations professional, etc.

Those of you who are creative geeks with a penchant for technology more than others: have a longer road of fun and success ahead of you. Now is a world of fantasy visualized in animated images, characters and stories, or in captivating games and play stations. Stories you’ve watched or thought about all your life, with a few suggestions from your target audience, can be turned into video games that engage them. Over the past decade, virtual reality (creating the imaginary world that is not physically in front) and augmented reality (extending physical reality to a larger canvas) have taken the creative space by storm. They break all the boundaries of imaginative storytelling, with the help of mixed reality as well.

Today, the fashion world is closer to communication than ever. There are stories of weaving on fabrics, blending nature and culture with clothes, and creating styles and fashion that are simply elegant or breathtaking.

We also find all the other forms of creative and communicative careers: building images, managing crises, creating brand expressions, creating changes in behavior, creating trust in the brand, weaving identities or reputations of people, places and organizations, etc.

Yes, these are exciting times. This is indeed your big time to call the shots. But there is a health check. A half-hearted initiative will yield no results. He must have your full concentration or not at all. You have to put your best foot forward or show no limbs. The media business needs ideas, concepts, practices, technologies and business acumen, all rolled into one exceptional output that grabs attention and sells well.

Professor Ujjwal K Chowdhury

The author is an advisor and professor at Daffodil International University, based in Dhaka. He can be contacted at [email protected]