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Cozy Hollow Knight Fan Art Captures Shopping in a Whimsical Insect Kingdom


A fan of beloved metroidvania Hollow Knight captures the cozy solitude of Iselda, the wife of an awkward cartographer as she deals with a client.

A fan of the iconic action platformer hollow knight illustrated a cozy but lonely scene featuring Iselda and The Knight.

Illustrated by Anaïs Maamar (@ChatonLaser), the piece is simply titled Iselda’s shop and features the frustrated shopkeeper struggling with hollow knightis the protagonist. As the little knight rummages through what appears to be a crate of geo, in-game currency, or charms, Iselda lazily leans over the counter and watches him closely. In the background, fans of the game will notice randomly rolled reams of parchment, no doubt a reference to Cornifer the Cartographer, Iselda’s husband. The beetle-shaped cash register and the tiny moth stuck in the lamp further emphasize the artist’s attention to detail.

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Maamar is a freelance illustrator specializing in pixel art, video game concepts and comics. Their extensive portfolio includes pieces based on several popular video game series, including Crypt of the NecroDancer, Mercenary Kings and Splaton 2. Their work can also be found in Evoland 2, a superb role-playing game developed by Shiro Games, the development studio currently working on Dune: The Spice Wars.

Released in 2017, hollow knight is a vast 2D metroidvania developed by Team Cherry. Players step into the role of the Knight, an unnamed warrior who falls to the fallen kingdom of Hallownest. During their travels, players encounter a wide variety of deadly insects that seek to end the Knight’s progress while others, like Iselda, simply want to get on with their lives. In order to survive the different biomes of hollow knight, players must explore and discover various bonuses and abilities that not only make combat more engaging, but open up new paths and areas.

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Upon release, the game was a critical success and received near-universal praise for its stunning graphics, atmosphere, and soundtrack. Many critics point out hollow knightWho’s fast-paced and frantic fights, coupled with challenging boss fights and tight platforming sections, make for a challenging yet fair game. hollow knight has sold over 3 million copies as of 2020 and won two expansions: The Grimm Troupe and master of god.

As fans enjoy this stunning piece of art, they can also expect Hollow Knight: Silksong. What started as a major content update to the original game has evolved into a standalone sequel that will focus on Hornet, a fan-favorite character who comes equipped with a unique weapon and fighting style.

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