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Colorado painter shares life of artwork in new book – the Journal



Artist Jan Thoreen Lewis has published a book of his paintings and his creative process. (Courtesy Jan Thoreen Lewis)

Dolores Public Library to host the Jan Thoreen Lewis exhibition in December

Cortez’s artist Jan Thoreen Lewis sees her paintings as a journey of discovery, and she wants to take you with you.

His new book, “Fire in the Sky, An Artist’s Love Affair with Colorado”, features some of his best oil and watercolor paintings created during his long career.

“I find beauty in almost every place I look in the world. I try to capture the essence and translate the beauty into a painting so that others can enjoy what captured my heart, ”Lewis said in a recent interview in his home studio.

His fascination with nature, landscapes, people and places translates into evocative images with depth and detail that attract the viewer.

Cortez artist Jan Thoreen Lewis captures the culture and beauty of Colorado. She recently published a new book on her paintings and will have an exhibition in December at the Dolores Public Library. An artist reception will be held on December 3 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (courtesy Jan Thoreen Lewis)

His book also chronicles his experiences as a painter in succinct prose. Her mission is to pass on her artistic process and knowledge to inspire others to embark on the creative arts.

“It’s a celebration of my 50 years as a professional artist, I wanted to honor the people and the process that made it work, to share that experience,” Lewis said.

She tells stories of the studio, of the people she’s worked and learned with, and the exciting but scary feeling artists get when they take a risk and try something new.

For example, after painting watercolors for decades, she got bored and took up oil painting, discovering a new artistic muse.

“If you are losing the passion for something that you are doing then it is time for a change,” she said.

The glory of Mesa Verde is captured in this painting by artist Jan Thoreen Lewis, of Cortez. (Courtesy Jan Thoreen Lewis)

During the pandemic halt, Lewis took to Facebook live to give free online tutorials on oil and watercolor painting.

She liked it so much that it gave her the idea of ​​becoming an art coach to inspire women to discover a spark of creativity.

“I want to help women who feel stuck in their lives and want to do something creative, but don’t know how to get it done,” Lewis said. “I believe we were all created to be designers, and I want to walk women through the process so that they can step into the freedom of that. It is transformative.

Lewis will exhibit his paintings at the Dolores Public Library in December. She will host a reception on December 3 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. to talk about the exhibition, her new book and the creative process.

For more information on Lewis and his works, visit janthoreenlewis.com. His new book is available on amazon.com.

Artist Jan Thoreen Lewis has published a new book about his paintings and his life as an artist for 50 years. “Fire in the Sky. An Artist’s Love Story with Colorado” is available at amazon.com (courtesy photo)



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