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Collage: making art out of art



PUTTING works of art into a masterpiece – that’s how this rising Filipino digital collage artist, Michael Lorenzana, is known.

His art is not limited to throwing out photos or individual works of art and putting them together, it involves a process of careful conservation and respect for balance, thus creating new narratives away from the raw materials.

“I love the idea of ​​combining different photos with different meanings and turning them into new stories when you present them as one,” he said.

His history with the art of collage began while he was still working as a freelance production designer. It was his creative habit when he had fewer plans, something he did to feel productive.

“I am also a photographer. Since I have a lot of photos from my travels before, I thought why not play with them and come up with something artistic. It’s like making art out of art, ”he said, adding that he found inspiration in the pursuit of collage art when he saw the music video. “Up and Up” by Coldplay a few years ago.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and work for independent creatives was on the decline, Lorenzana focused more on the art of collage. He also sees the potential to generate income through orders for individuals and businesses.

“I’m doing it full time now because that’s where I found my voice and my own style. Before in production I did a lot of different things and struggled to establish my own brand as an artist. In the art of collage, people started to notice me, so I decided to give it a go, ”said the 30-year-old artist.

He added that the art of collage continues to give him clearer direction and more discipline as to where his craft takes him.

Balance the artistic core, marketing

Lorenzana shared that it used to be a challenge to market her works because of the innate protective characteristics artists have towards their works.

“I was very protective and narrow-minded in marketing my artwork, but realized that it could be done as long as you strike a balance between protecting your art and generating income. It is essential to compartmentalize your works, ”he said.

For his personal work on the arts of collage, explained Lorenzana, he is more experimental.

“I usually don’t have a final vision of what the piece will look like when I start making it. It will emerge just along the way, during the creation process. That’s what I like about it. I was able to play with the photos until I found them beautiful, ”he said.

However, after practicing several collages over the years, Lorenzana developed a skill in visualizing photos that could be part of her next project.

“Sometimes even raw photos don’t look so good on their own, I can turn them into something interesting when combined with other photos,” he said.

But for his commissioned works, Lorenzana emphasized that he always asks for the client’s preference and ensures that the final piece is cohesive and balanced.

“I usually ask them to give me as many pictures as possible to find better parts. More photos means more flexibility and ideas that I can create, ”he said.

Lorenzana also pointed out that being open to using the works and photos of others gives her more room for growth than just using her own materials.

Keep the artistic core

This young digital collage artist said that in marketing his work as an artist, keeping his artistic core is not negotiable.

“Always put your vision first. There are people who will appreciate your works and there are people who will not. And it’s good. But always stay true to your heart to be on the right track, never neglect your artistic heart, ”he said.

He also shared that in the age of social media, never let unconstructive comments from people define your worth and worth as an artist.

Currently, Lorenzana has worked with various photographers in the Philippines and has done commission work for companies large and small which have helped him pursue his passion while earning.

In the future, Lorenzana – who is also passionate about music, hopes to work on album covers for local and international artists. He also wishes to do editorial work for media organizations in the Philippines.

“I also aim to broaden my reach and work with more artists, photographers and brands to strengthen my portfolio and improve my craft,” he said.

For commissioned work and / or collaborations, Lorenzana can be contacted via his Instagram account @michaellorenzana. You can also consult his work here: https://www.behance.net/mdblorenzac3db.



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