Home Artistic creation Club Legacyz launches “Legacy”, an innovative new collectible product, allowing athletes to maintain a privileged link with their community of fans.

Club Legacyz launches “Legacy”, an innovative new collectible product, allowing athletes to maintain a privileged link with their community of fans.


California – July 26, 2022 – At a time when social networks are all the rage, two entrepreneurs are launching an innovative new collectible product, a cross between a collector’s card and a poster, called “Legacy”. The Legacy is a limited edition print in A2 format, featuring the image of a top athlete in an original artistic version.

The Legacy will also allow athletes to maintain a privileged link with their community of fans. Indeed, the collector poster will serve as a relay for 2 exclusive experiences:

– The golden ticket: Legacy collectors will also participate in a draw to win autographed gifts (shoes/swimsuits/clubs/VIP tickets.)

– Legacy Stories: Legacy collectors will take part in Legacy Stories, a special live Zoom discussion with the athlete.

Balthazar Theobald Brosseau and Noe Fraidenraich, the two young founders of Club Legacyz, belong to the “Poster Generation”. “Over the years, we have developed a real passion for collectibles (Pokémon cards, Sneakers, Figurines, Art Toys, etc.) sold for example on StockX or Complex”, explains Noe Fraidenraich. Our common interest in art and sport led us to imagine a product that would allow us to combine all these worlds,” adds Balthazar Theobald Brosseau. In this case, an original poster, developed in close collaboration with top athletes, is both beautiful and useful.

The Legacy was born like this. “From a desire for artistic creation. And the need to create an unchanging link between athletes and their community of fans. A concrete, lasting, material link, stronger and more solid than social networks,” explains Noe Fraidenraich.

The Legacy is printed on high quality paper, in a limited edition (from 500 to 3,000 copies per Legacy), and numbered. It is intended for collectors and communities of athletes’ fans. Buying it means accessing privileged experiences

Charitable commitment, the backbone of the project

Balthazar Theobald Brosseau and Noe Fraidenraich only considered launching the Legacy if it had a social impact.

“Club Legacyz places associative and humanitarian work at the heart of its project. Most of the benefits of

The majority of the profits from the sale of the paper prints will automatically be donated to the charities supported by the athletes,” said the two founders. This is also part of our specifications. The athlete must support a cause, an association or a foundation to appear in our catalog.

For its first launch, Club Legacyz has chosen to bet on a heavyweight of the French sports world in the person of Tony Parker

Like all future athletes who will join the Legacyz Club, Tony Parker worked closely on the creation of his Legacy, “in the most perfect respect of his schedule”.

“He chose his style. We created a visual in his image”, specifies Balthazar Théobald Brosseau, who also specifies that “if the result is not suitable, the Legacyz Club will readjust it taking into account the athlete’s recommendations.

And after? “A PSG player is already signed for February. International athletes; NBA footballers, basketball players and F1 drivers have already given their agreement in principle. We also plan to release very limited edition NFTs.

About Club Legacyz

Club Legacyz was founded by Theobald Brosseau and Noe Fraidenraich. More information about their updated company can be found on their website https://en.clublegacyz.com Or follow their Instagram account https://instagram.com/clublegacyz?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y.

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