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Chinese digital artist featured in Natively Digital 1.2, Sotheby’s Metaverse’s first sale



“A poetic beach”
Consciousness breeds new thoughts / Melancholy beyond emotional calculation is anything but a dream / As loneliness and desolation reverberate throughout the world / in the graveyard of deconstruction / A sheer coldness unbearable by no soul emerges / The trace of a flaming silhouette / Lies on the tombstones of the future / A glamorous paradise in the east / Is the home of a stretch of beach praised in many poems / Which testify to the history of thought abstract.

Dabeiyuzhou is especially popular among Gen Z because of its style of cyberpunk artwork. Known as the “eastern cyborg”, he has a large base of followers in China. He began to create the “Text gene project“in 2019. As initiator of the NFT text, the”Text gene project“is not limited to the text, but is the combination of the interpretation of text, image and human voice. Known as an extremely exquisite and transcendent virtual world, this series is a combination of Eastern religious culture and cyberpunk She explores the endless possibilities of human-computer collaboration on digital art and the metaverse of the future.

Dabeiyuzhou is one of the leading digital artists in Asia, represented artist of BCA Network, and the person who tops the Asian Meta-Digital Art Ranking. BCA Network is one of the most influential and well-known NFT platforms Asia. Since 2018, he has focused on educating and promoting the cryptoart movement and is committed to promoting from China quality digital artwork in the world. In Dabeiyuzhou’s previous drop on MetaOpus.co, the NFT transmitter and marketplace created by BCA Network, three new works of art by Text gene project started with a minimum bid of 0.001ETH and ended with the highest bid of 27.5 ETH out of a total of 74.5 ETH sales.


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