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CATS NFT Awards Show seeks to legitimize the NFT art industry


MIAMI, FLORIDA – July 09, 2022 – Interest in crypto and digital asset ownership has reached unforeseen levels throughout 2021 all over the world. This transformed digital art into a new asset class, which sparked a wave of digital art enthusiasts collectively known as the NFT community.

The Certified Artist Token Company Inc (CATS), a public organization made up of producers, artists and art collectors, wants to bring the sophistication of the traditional art world into the NFT art space in order to legitimize it and demonstrate that it is here to stay. In one such effort, they are inviting all artists to join the first known NFT CATS Award Show, a gala to be held in late 2022 or early 2023 in Miami or Tampa, FL, with which they hope to increase artist recognition. emerging. , increase the visibility of first-rate NFTs and offer the public a selection of high-quality works.

With a total of 39 categories covering Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best NFT Art Collection, Best Hand Drawn Art, Best NFT Website, and more, CATS hopes their NFT Award Show will become something artists aspire to be a part of, and something enthusiasts look forward to every year.

“Our mission is to celebrate creativity and the birth of a new medium where the imagination can flourish without physical limits. We want to create an environment where artists feel safe creating digitally, in what was until recently an unfairly underpaid medium, both economically and reputationally,” commented Rick Alan Heene, -word from the CATS team.

Winners of the NFT CATS Award Show will not only earn wide recognition, but will also receive a Golden CATS Awards statue, an NFT consisting of a pixel man who stays true to the nature of the event. In an effort to attract top crypto talent to the event, CATS is offering free memberships to designated event hosts and presenters. If you have experience hosting live or online events, and/or acting, auditions for these roles are currently open via their website.

Other producers, collectors and artists can also join CATS by acquiring a membership. By becoming members, they will receive a seal from the Certified Artists Token Society to place in their NFTs which shows that the art is authentic and gives them more legitimacy. “You could say that our ultimate goal is to transform culture. Digital art inspires us, and we want artists to get the recognition they deserve.

We hope our efforts will also reach other NFT enthusiasts in the community,” concluded Rick. Some of the most well-known projects in the NFT space currently include the Cryptopunks collection; OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces; and Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), who also hold their own annual community event called Apefest. The CATS team hopes that their initiatives will not only create a healthier digital art ecosystem, but also that they will eventually reach levels that DeFi their current imagination.

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