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Bud’s Goods & Provisions is owned by Alex Mazin



ABINGTON – As you step into Bud’s Goods & Provisions, the modern Americana vibe is everywhere, from box office-themed recording to sports memorabilia and movie posters.

Inside the store, as you line up, a timeline of marijuana wraps around the facade from 1794, when George Washington encouraged “the cultivation of this incredible plant,” said the art. mural, referring to the cultivation of hemp.

The art continues through the store inside glass display cases. Each of the THC products has a complex theme to better advertise the merchandise.

The marijuana dispensary was founded by Alex Mazin, 33, in 2020. Mazin currently operates two dispensaries, including the one at 1540 Bedford St. Abington.

The second location is in Worcester, while a new location in Watertown is next on the agenda.

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One of the dispensary’s top priorities is to introduce top-quality flowers at an affordable price, he said. The dispensary is offering a special treat of 3.5 grams of flowers for $ 30.

Bud’s offers a wide selection of marijuana products from 35 to 40 different flower varieties and an assortment of pre-rolls, edibles, seltzers, topicals, sprays, accessories, concentrates and infused ice creams.

Bud's Goods & Provisions, 1540 Bedford Street, Abington, Wednesday September 15, 2021.

“While the argument is that dispensaries don’t make money on an eighth of $ 30, Bud’s Goods thinks the opposite,” said Tess Woods, public relations specialist.

Mazin firmly believes in the marijuana business and is not in it for the money, he said.

“It’s very personal,” Mazin said.

“I want people to be proud of what we’ve built and call it their own. In the end, it’s just grass, and there’s no reason why my neighbor couldn’t come to the store and afford to buy it. “

Bud's Goods & Provisions, 1540 Bedford Street, Abington, Wednesday September 15, 2021.

Mazin’s primary mission is to standardize cannabis and create the first recognizable East Coast brand of marijuana in the United States, Woods said.

“Potent yet legal cannabis should be affordable for all ages 21 and over,” Mazin said. “Yet in the Massachusetts cannabis market, one-eighth, equivalent to 3.5 grams of cannabis, will typically cost consumers between $ 50 and $ 55. “

The young entrepreneur grew up in Worchester and received a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Prior to working in the marijuana industry, Mazin worked as a strategic management consultant for a Fortune 100 company, he said.

Alex Mazin, owner of Bud's Goods & Provisions, 1540 Bedford Street, Abington, Wednesday September 15, 2021.

With this experience, Mazin was able to bring a new concept to the marijuana industry. Plus, it relaxed the process by incorporating a box office cinema-style recording.

“When you walk in, you get your ticket, so to speak. We don’t check IDs at the door. We don’t close the front door because we don’t do any of those things in a sales environment. normal retail, so I hope that in a few years the dispensaries will be part of a normal society, ”Mazin said.

Check-in may seem stress-free without a security guard, but ID stating buyers are at least 21 years old is required to enter.

Once inside, attractive displays stand out with their artistic expression. A prime example of this would be the THC infused soft drinks floating in a plastic flotation device off the sea on display.

Mazin’s vision is for adults to feel right at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory once they see the artistic visuals. The purpose behind the extravagant visuals is to keep customers entertained while they are in line.

“Every inch of this place is filled with passion, love and creativity. So it’s important to create something fun for people.” Mazin said.

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