Home Artwork Brian Laundrie’s notebook may contain spooky illustrations that reveal the truth about Gabby’s murder, detectives say

Brian Laundrie’s notebook may contain spooky illustrations that reveal the truth about Gabby’s murder, detectives say


INTERNET detectives have speculated that Brian Laundrie’s notebook may contain frightening illustrations that reveal the truth about Gabby Petito’s murder.

FBI detectives reportedly found a diary while digging up “partial” remains in the Florida wilderness last week.


Detectives say a notebook found near Brian Laundrie’s remains may contain artwork revealing the truth about Gabby Petito’s murder. Laundrie has never been named a suspect in relation to Gabby’s disappearance or deathCredit: social media – Refer to source
Laundrie was pictured with a notebook in his lap as he and Gabby walked along the Appalachian Trail earlier this year


Laundrie was pictured with a notebook in his lap as he and Gabby walked along the Appalachian Trail earlier this yearCredit: Instagram / Gabby Petito

The bone remains were identified as those of Laundrie through his dental records. On Tuesday, November 23, Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino said an autopsy revealed the 23-year-old had committed suicide by a gunshot to the head.

It’s unclear what’s in the notebook or if there is anything in it, but that hasn’t stopped detectives online from speculating.

Some amateur detectives believe that the diary may contain scary drawings.

Web detectives had previously claimed to unearth a series of “demonic works of art” on Laundrie’s social media, alleging that the drawings may offer a potential glimpse into the 23-year-old’s state of mind.

A Facebook “sleuth” said, “I think that’s probably his art. They were both passionate about drawing.

An Internet sleuth feared, “My theory is to draw the events leading up to it and during its strangulation. It’s going to be dark (sic).”

Coroners ruled Gabby had been strangled to death – weeks after a preliminary autopsy determined her death was a homicide.

Laundrie was identified as a person of interest by the cops as they investigated Gabby’s mysterious disappearance and death.

Some Internet detectives fear that they will be “disappointed” if the contents of the diary are revealed.

One of them said: “Honestly, these are most likely drawings. So honestly, I think most will be disappointed.

Another added: “We don’t have to take a look at it. As much as we want all the details, we are not aware of any of them.

Some Facebook detectives have claimed the diary may contain drawings related to Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Lullaby, while others believe it will be a blank.

Laundrie appeared to brag in an Instagram post that he and Gabby had read the satirical horror novel.

Lullaby, published in 2002, tells the story of journalist Carl Streator, who writes about death in the cradle when he notices a strange connection between the deaths of babies and that of his own wife and baby.

He then discovers that his wife and child have died after reading them a “slaughter song” from a book.


Unintentionally, he memorizes the rhyme and becomes a serial killer who kills people for minor inconvenience.

Laundrie was pictured with the book in his lap in a photo taken as he and Gabby hiked the Appalachian Trail to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

Gabby’s fiancé also revealed that he read the 2007 Rant book.

The novel is told in the form of an oral biography and centers on a high school rebel, Rant Casey, and another character named Green Taylor Simms.

In its synopsis, the book is described as “a mind-boggling vision of the future, as only Chuck Palahniuk could ever imagine”.

Laundrie wrote on Instagram: “The craziest fucking king of all of Chuck’s books on my shelf, I can’t figure out how he must have written this one! Would love to preach all the crazy twists but all I can. to say that I will never forget the name of Rant Casey or Green Taylor Simms.

“My fiance and I read this one aloud together and boy, oh boy, I can’t believe some things are coming out of our mouths.”

The cause of death has not been established as Laundrie’s remains have been sent to an anthropologist for further examination, but that hasn’t stopped detectives from touting savage speculation.


Facebook detectives spotted an alligator-shaped cloud over Immokalee, Fla. On October 22 and asked if it was Laundrie.

According to the image, the shape resembles the head and jaws of an alligator with its mouth open.

Users of a Facebook discussion group dedicated to the Gabby Petito affair shared strange images of a partially toothless laundromat, warning “this is what he looks like now”.

There is no evidence to support these claims. Laundry body will be cremated without a funeral, Bertolino said previously Fox News.

Before his autopsy was confirmed today, experts previously said there were several ways Laundrie could have died, including from a gunshot or a broken skull.

Forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan told NewsNationNow: “Unless there is specific trauma in an area like the skull that would give us an indication that it is gunshots. one way or another or that he had been hit on the head with a sunken skull fracture; something of that nature.

Morgan explained that the forensic and anatomical task is difficult. “

He said, “So what do we do? Well, you don’t have any soft tissue, they already said the body is skeletonized. And so… it’s going to be a very difficult task to identify something.

John Widmann, who lives about half a mile from the Carlton Reservation, told the New York Post: “The worst are the wild pigs. They are evil animals and they will eat anything. No flesh in the open will be wasted.”

Widmann fears coroners will have “little to do” as they attempt to establish the cause of death.

Laundrie’s remains were identified exactly one month after Gabby’s body was found at a Wyoming campsite. The long-awaited autopsy concluded that he had died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Internet sleuths claim to have unearthed the


Internet sleuths claim they unearthed Laundrie’s ‘demonic past’ by discovering a series of spooky artwork on her social media profilesCredit: Instagram
Mourners kept vigil and released lanterns honoring slain YouTuber Gabby


Mourners kept vigil and released lanterns honoring slain YouTuber GabbyCredit: TikTok / Gabby Petito Foundation

Brian Laundrie Timeline

Brian Laundrie has not been seen since the morning of September 13. Here is a timeline of Laundrie’s last travels:

  • July 2021: Brian Laundrie and his fiancée Gabby Petito set out to conquer the country. The couple visited many national parks opposite.
  • 12 august: Utah Police respond to incident involving the couple. The body camera images aren’t released for a month, but they show a visibly upset Gabby speaking to police after reports of a domestic violence incident outside a grocery store.
  • 24 august: Gabby leaves a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Laundrie.
  • September 1st: Laundrie returns home to North Port, Florida, without Gabby.
  • September 6: Laundrie joins his family on a camping trip about 75 miles from their home in North Port.
  • September 11th: Gabby’s family reports her disappearance.
  • September 13: Laundrie leaves home to hike in the Carlton Reservation, Florida. His family initially said he left on September 14, but revised his schedule weeks later.
  • September 15th: Laundrie is named person of interest in Gabby’s case.
  • September 16: Bodycam footage is released regarding the Gabby-Laundrie incident.
  • September 19: The FBI announces that a body found in a national park in Wyoming is that of Gabby.
  • September 23: FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie claiming he “used unauthorized debit cards after Gabby Petito’s death”.
  • September 26: A funeral takes place for Gabby in New York.
  • September 27: Dog the Bounty Hunter announces that he will lend a hand and help in the search for Laundrie.
  • September 28: Gabby’s family held a moving press conference as the search for Laundrie continued.
  • October 5: Laundrie’s sister Cassie appeared on Good Morning America and urged her brother to come forward.
  • October 7: Laundrie’s father, Chris Laundrie, assisted law enforcement in the search for his son.
  • 12 october: Gabby’s autopsy results have been released. Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue confirmed Gabby died from strangulation.
  • 20 october: Laundrie’s personal items were found near the Myakkahatchee Creek Park Trail in Florida. The medical examiner was called to the scene to investigate.
  • 21st of October: Reports indicated that human remains found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park were bones.
  • 21st of October: The FBI has confirmed that the remains found have been identified as laundry.
Water bottle “matching the one in Gabby Petito’s photo” found near Brian Laundrie’s remains is turned over to FBI

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