Home Artistic creation BitBasel spotlights the full potential of NFTs during Miami Art Week with astronauts, Grammy-winning musicians, fashion icons, social impact, culture and city leaders.

BitBasel spotlights the full potential of NFTs during Miami Art Week with astronauts, Grammy-winning musicians, fashion icons, social impact, culture and city leaders.



Dr Scian Proctor’s ‘Seeker’ NFT aired in space sells for 22ETH.
⦁ Deadmau5 collection in collaboration with Gregory Siff featured in a digital gallery and displayed in a hologram port by Dreamverse XR. Live paintings minted in NFTs.
⦁ Preview of Frida Kahlo’s Family Metaverse and Exclusive Buyers Event.
⦁ Balenciaga designs never publicly displayed, exhibited and sold as an NFT collection.
⦁ First Protocol Celebration Party to Successfully Rent a $ 1.5 Million NFT with a Performance by Busta Rhymes.
⦁ MiamiCoins’ first conference to discuss blockchain technology for civic engagement
⦁ Ocean activist groups advocate leveraging NFTs to find solutions.

Miami, Florida, December 17, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The return of Art Basel this year ushered in a new technological era with the integration of NFTs into the art world and BitBasel is at the forefront of all of this.
The new importance of NFT was widely displayed during Miami Art Week.
Collectors, artists, crypto engineers, and architects have come together in what has traditionally been a physical epicenter of artistic culture to bring the digital community into the art world. While an NFT can be used to show ownership of anything, the first and most visible use case to date has been for digital art.

The convergence of virtual and physical art was notably seen when you walked into the famous art hotel, The Sagamore, during the BitBasel + BitDAO takeover and witnessed a Portl holographic box. of digital creations. BitBasel’s crypto-focused events invited visitors to learn more about emerging cultural trends and educate people on how NFTs are having a real impact on science, education, music, art and more. the fashion.

Interplanetary Inclusion Challenge

(Piece by Dr. Scian Proctors NFT “Researcher”)
With the use of NFTs, digital creations can travel to new frontiers whereas before, shipping canvases would have been prohibitively expensive. Dr Sian Proctor’s ‘Seeker’ piece traveled to the depths of the farthest ocean, the Mariana Pit, submerged to visit the ruins of the Titanic, and radiated into orbit on @ Inspiration4x sold for 22 ETH (~ $ 100k) during BitBasel’s live auction the proceeds of which will be donated to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

Works like this depict a time in history when we can all participate in the advancement of our civilization to explore space. Blockchain technology allows for the first time equal investment opportunities in this sector. For example, by symbolizing space freight, Copernicus Space allows access to an industry of around 500 billion dollars without privilege. Learn more about the brilliant innovators who gathered at BitBasel’s Space Tech Day here. (BitBasel)

From right to left: Eva Blaisdell, aka Lady Rocket (Founder, Copernicus Space), Scarlett Arana (Co-Founder, BitBasel), Dr Scian Proctor (Geoscientist, Explorer, Space Artist and Astronaut), Jane Poynter (Founder , co-CEO and experience director of Space Perspective)

Tokens for the preservation of the oceans

Leveraging the power of NFTs, ocean conservation activists were on board to explain how the Metaverse saves marine life, coral reefs and defends biodiversity. Representatives from Seaworthy, MoonjellyDAO, Oceans Rescue Alliance, Oceanic Global, OCN.AI, ULTRAMARINE, DopeSea and NFT Blue gathered and spoke about catalyzing solutions to Earth’s biggest problems. Adopting distributed networks with full transparency of financial records could very well be our chance to get on the right track to save our planet.

Technological education and civic engagement

To harness the full potential of this new technology, education is essential. BitBasel hosted MiamiCoin, the first CityCoin with Stacks, stxnft, okcoin and Moonray to raise awareness of a vision of applying blockchain technology to urban solutions, such as giving a voice to citizens through Miami Voice DAO. A panel of more than two dozen highly skilled engineering, academic and artist leaders discussed how NFTs empower community, engage residents while improving the quality of life in the city of Miami and beyond.

Proof of authenticity of NFTs in fashion and culture

Physical objects can be linked to NFTs by being cryptographically signed as an immutable metadata file describing the work. In Frida Kahlo’s family metaverse, the physical brick of the foundation of the Red House (Frida’s family home) has been transformed into an NFT establishing authenticity. Ezel.life presented a preview of the inclusive metaverse space of the Red House at the BitBasel Gallery. During the evening of Latin Arts and Culture, special guest Marloe Rosado, winner of two Grammy Awards, made an appearance. A few lucky collectors have acquired limited Giclée memorabilia hand-signed by Saul “Canelo” lvarez. Works by painter Rob Prior, Art Prior’s ‘Canelo’ painting, as well as other NFT artists on display were on sale.

The Balenciaga never exhibited before: The Glamorous 1950’s collection was presented at BitBasel courtesy of Artvein. The set of designs from 1950-58 were collected by Lorenzo Riva, who was the artistic director of Balenciaga in Paris in the 80s. The designs by legendary designer Balenciaga were engraved in 9 original NFTs and listed on Opensea as a set .
(Original sketch by Cristóbal Balenciaga in the years 1950-58)

Music + NFT – Mau5 Art IRL Currency

In collaboration with Gregory Siff, the collection of deadmau5, Head5, was on display at the gallery during BitBasel’s Music and NFT day. Gregory himself was painting physical coins that were minted on a platform created by Looks Rare, a new metaverse studio, to launch his second collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain.

(Paintings by Gregory Siff, created live and minted at the BitBasel Gallery)

At the Timberlands Beatclub x Girls Make Beats event, BridgingTheGap Ventures Founder and CEO Kelly Lovell and Creative Director Anna Sinclair hosted a panel on Empowering Young Women in the music industry. Mixing engineer Marcella Araica and singer Stichiz shared stories of perseverance and entrepreneurship. Up-and-coming artist Luck and DJ Marley, 11, exemplified the success with overwhelming performances.
Timbaland and BAYC have teamed up to launch Ape-In Production. AIP aims for its artists to regain control of their intellectual property and explore creative avenues and sources of income, in the same way that Timbaland’s Beatclub pushes creators to the fore. Like art, NFTs allow musicians a new source of income from residual payments and convert their productions into collectibles, as well as split music shares in the same way as owning stock.

Kicking off the entertainment and networking portion of the evening, the pool deck was brought to life with 11-time Grammy-winning hip hop artists Busta Rhymes and producer Murda Beatz waiting to take the stage. In co-production with BitBasel and sponsors Vera, Devco and BitDao, the event celebrated the launch of Vera’s mainnet which made history by becoming the first protocol to successfully lease a $ 1.5 million NFT. .

(Busta Rhymes performs during BitBasel and BitDao takeover at Sagamore)

Keeping up to date with the latest news, CoinDesk shared a preview of their new NFT All Stars animated series which covers music, sports and pop culture in the crypto space. Stay tuned! BitBasel has more in store for you until next year’s edition of Miami Art (tech) Week.

About BitBasel

Based in Wynwood, Miami, the graffiti capital of the world, BitBasel works with artists and tech intermediaries to make the creation and distribution of NFT accessible to everyone. Since launching the Miami Blockchain Center in 2018, the team behind BitBasel has been a driving force in education and adoption across the city. BitBasel enables artists to use the tools and income potential of NFTs to take ownership of their work.

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