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Are you traveling to Moscow? These are must-see places for your fall vacation



In early fall, Moscow is an inspiring place to visit. This time of year gives a special charm to one of the most romantic corners of Moscow – the Patriarch’s Ponds.

Nature and romance

The Patriarch’s Ponds are located in the affluent residential area of ​​the Presnensky district. Contrary to what the name suggests, it is actually only one pond but over 200 years ago it is assumed that there were more. The pond today covers just under 1000 square meters and its depth is about two meters. This popular place became world famous when Mikhail Bulgakov described it in one of the most beloved novels in Russian literature: “The Master and Margarita”. This book was written in Soviet times, and the pond was one of its main settings. stroll in the fresh air, the pond and its surroundings are essential, it also becomes an ice rink in winter and shelters swans in summer.

Artistic adventures

Moscow’s cultural hotspot called “Artplay” is housed in a former pressure gauge factory. This is the place to go if you are interested in art and design. This fall, the exhibition “The Patchwork Man” by Zorikto Dorzhiev is in the spotlight. It explores the theme of modern life in big cities and how the line between fact and fiction, private and public, external and internal, blurs for everyone.

Dorzhiev describes Moscow as the most striking illustration of the concept of patchwork because “it is a city of contrasts, where the old and the new are combined, where new colors and nuances are born”. For him, Moscow gives the impression of being at the center of the world and you can feel the pulse of the world.

The artist works in easel painting, graphic design, sculpture, book illustration, animation, digital art and film. His exhibitions have taken place in many countries around the world.

Culinary delights

Traditional Russian cuisine is not the most famous cuisine in the world, but it does have plenty of mouthwatering treats. TO Ouhvat restaurant, you will experience for yourself the combination of old and new Moscow, which Dorzhiev described so well. Chef Viktor Beley offers a modern take on some of Russia’s most traditional dishes. He studied the ancient technique of stewing and familiarized himself with the Russian art of cooking, reviving forgotten cooking methods for a contemporary diner.

A good example is his version of varenets, a traditional Russian sweet dairy drink. It’s a dish that many remember from their grandmothers’ preparation, but few imagine the splendid way Beley has.



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