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announces Metaverso, a new NFT summit in Puerto Rico | Your money


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, September 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today Investor NFT money is pleased to announce Metaverse, Puerto Rico’s first-ever NFT Summit to be held on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Metaverso will bring together NFT’s creators, collectors and major global players for an immersive programming day, welcoming attendees and attendees to Puerto Rico’s vibrant crypto and NFT ecosystem. Metaverso will be a day of connection and exploration, where industry leaders will delve into the artistic, technological and cultural implications of this native digital art form. The one-day summit will feature programming in Spanish and English that will run alongside a charity auction, NFT art exhibition and the highlight of the Metaverso Hackathon. Metaverso will serve as the inaugural event to kick off Puerto Rico’s blockchain week.

Metaverso is co-hosted by gmoney, a futurist and pseudo-anonymous technology investor who has become one of the most influential voices in the NFT space. Over the past year, gmoney and its peers of early NFT collectors have helped catalyze the exponential growth of the global NFT ecosystem, a market that generated over $ 900 million in sales in the single month of ‘August. gmoney has been included in NFTy 50 and is a general partner of Delphi INFINFT, a fund dedicated to investing in the NFT ecosystem. Known as a crypto enthusiast, curator, and collector, gmoney conceptualized Metaverso to draw attention to the burgeoning crypto art scene in his local Puerto Rico. “As an active member of the Puerto Rican community, I am honored to have the opportunity to educate a collective of local artists and entrepreneurs on this burgeoning new technology. I am excited to create a space that will bring some of NFT’s most prominent personalities to Puerto Rico, allowing local communities to hopefully explore the ways this new art form could change their lives for the better. better, the same way I’ve seen NFT technology is already affecting many lives around the world, ”gmoney said.

Metaverso will take place at Puerto Rico Art Museum, a magnificent art museum in the historic district of San Juan in Santurce, providing a lush setting to experience the latest developments in the cultural crypto sphere with a focus on Puerto Rico’s growing contributions to the industry. Metaverso will bring many members of the crypto arts community to San Juan after Art Basel, the international art festival that takes place in Miami the week before. Metaverso will offer a full day of immersive programming with renowned speakers such as Fractional Art Co-Founder Andy Chorlian, John Crain, SuperRare Founder, Jeff “Jihoz” Zirlin, Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Sky Mavis, and Jarrod Dicker of TCG, in addition to local Puerto Rican leaders in technology and art, such as Nerma Albertorio, founder and executive director of Centro para Emprendedores (CPE). The Metaverso exhibition will feature works by emerging and leading NFT artists, including Fvckrender, Snow, ACK, Barry sutton, Catherine simard and much more.

Metaverso is co-created by gmoney and Amanda cassatt, an early crypto entrepreneur and current CEO and co-founder of Serotonin, a leading Web3 marketing firm and venture studio. “Our goal with Metaverso is to provide a space where physical and digital art, traditions and new technologies, and people living all over the world and in Puerto Rico, can meet and, through their connection, create new forms of beauty and value, ”said Amanda, who also currently resides in Puerto Rico.

Metaverso is supported by industry leading organizations such as SuperRare, Universe.xyz, Delphi Digital, DARMA Capital and Serotonin’s new NFT company, Mojito. Proceeds from the event will benefit Centro Para Emprendedores and Codetrotters, two organizations that support artists and entrepreneurs who start their own businesses and teach computer coding in Puerto Rico.

Tickets for Metaverso are available today on Metaver.so.

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