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Andy Warhol’s work Alexander the Great to be auctioned off as NFT


The Andy Warhol Alexander The Great NFT is set to be sold through Rarible. The owner of the NFT will not only receive the NFT, but also the physical silkscreen itself.

Alexander the Great by Andy Warhol.

In 1982, art dealer Alexander Iolas commissioned Andy Warhol to create “Alexandar the Great” for his “Search for Alexander” collection. As part of the commission, Warhol created a series of serigraphs of the old king. In terms of Warhol’s work, Alexander the Great is unique, as it is the only piece based on classical sculpture.

The significance of this Andy Warhol NFT

Aris Sarlis is the current owner of the physical artwork, who will sell it alongside an NFT. “I hope this NFT will be part of history and hopefully the start of many more important pieces by other artists,” Sarlis said. “Also, because it’s the very first Andy Warhol to be sold as an NFT. It adds so much meaning to the article.

The main advantage of this NFT is that once someone buys it, the new owners will immediately get the NFT and the physical artwork without any hurdles. Additionally, the history of the NFT would forever include provenance and sales receipt, guaranteeing its authenticity.

Therefore, if the new owners decide to resell it, potential buyers can immediately verify its authenticity. Plus, owners and subsequent owners can sell their physical artwork without the high fees associated with traditional auctions.

In December 2021, Andy Warhol fans could buy split NFTs of three Warhol coins on the Cardano blockchain at Art Basel Miami. However, unlike Andy Warhol Alexander’s The Great NFT, these did not match the physical artwork.

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